STRAVA culls all your Zwift segments

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STRAVA eradicates Zwift segments

I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news. I think it’s good news but some will disagree vehemently.

What Happened in April 2020

STRAVA got out the segment eraser of doom and let rip on Watopia. Segment gunk was removed and the island was a cleaner, more healthy place to cycle. All the Zwift Insider segments survived the cull and many more too.

What Just Happened January 2021

The April cull has been repeated. This time STRAVA rubbed that little bit harder and, apparently, users report that ALL the non-Zwift Insider segments have gone.



It’s just tidier. Zwift looks better on Strava.


Someone’s gonna say “Where’s my segment?‘ [A: It still should be there just that only you will be able to see it]. You know, that segment you called ‘3rd rock on the left after the bridge to 2nd rock on the right before the turn’ or ‘Wheeeeeee’. Everyone loved your humour…except no-one got it.


Take Out

Remember that STRAVA did this. Down the line, this could be seen as a turning point. A point where we all find some way to agree on what else needs adding over and above what Zwift Insider deem to be appropriate segments. I’m just not sure on what that process is right now 🙁

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Thanks @Tim, I’ll check this out myself over the weekend.




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