Strava iOS Dashboard, w/ Flink

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Strava iOS Dashboard | Flink

I don’t know about you but I find the STRAVA interface doesn’t always follow the logic I would expect when I want to find and display some kinds of workout info.

I found an interesting app called FLINK that syncs your STRAVA data into the FLINK app and then gives you the ability to curate a dashboard of widgets to display your high-level run/ride data on your smartphone without having to go into the either the STRAVA app or the FLINK app.

Flink is more powerful than initially meets the eye.

Here I’ve created a new screen on my iPhone. I’ll take you through what I’ve set the elements to do. I did this quickly and you can fine-tune the configuration of each widget to suit a purpose for your particular needs.

  1. Strava icon – opens the iOS Strava app !
  2. Flink icon – opens the iOS Flink app !
  3. Top rectangular widget stack which contains two widgets. You can see I’ve captured the screen just as I am scrolling from one widget to the next
    • One widget charts runs/year and the other rides/year. Each chart has subsidiary data for elevation, speed and time
    • I can flick between the run/rides to view the summary for each sport
  4. Middle rectangular widget, customisable
    • I’ve set this to show monthly riding hours
    • I’ve also included a monthly ride goal of 30 hours
    • The widget shows a chart of each month vs goal
    • The widget shows current month progress as a pie chart thingy.
  5. Bottom square widget stack contains two widgets
    • You can see I’ve achieved my weekly goal of 2 hours riding per week…hmmm!!

Once you upload your run or ride to Strava then this data on your screen is refreshed without having to open the Strava app.


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Take Out

In my opinion, widgets are one of the futures for apps of all flavours

Widgets are a great way for users to quickly view key stats without having to dive into the complexities of the app, in this case, STRAVA.

The way widgets work is fairly good. Apple needs to make them a little less clunky to use and should also allow widgets to be created within a folder and further allow you to simply share that entire folder with friends (as you would do an Apple Watch watchface). That could be a way for you to share a fixed snapshot with friends or an interactive snapshot if they have access to your data. It would also give developers a way to easily deliver pre-configured dashboard views with links to their app underneath.

Furthermore, clever new app developers might be able to curate a whole series of widgets from other apps to deliver purpose-built dashboards. This strava data from Flink is great for one aspect of such a dashboard but why not also have a widget from each of your race providers for the current year? The race widget would give you a countdown to race day or, if the race has happened, it would be a hotlink to your race result. That’s just an illustrative example. An athlete dashboard could deliver WAY more than that eg the mileage left on your shoes or state of your Di2 battery.


Other Sports App Developers

I’m happy to sometimes cover apps that do unusual or clever things. Feel free to say which sports app you represent and add links and details below. Sometimes these kinds of articles can generate hundreds of clicks to your site….other times less so! If it’s interesting…they will come.



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    Keep up the good work.
    Will take a look at Flink, which in my native language is a very nice word.

    While not an actual app, runs in any browser as a WebApp, and for the price David Tinker, the sole programmer, is asking, between nothing and anything, You’ll be hard pressed to find anything more informative regarding workouts, past and planned.

    I’m just a longtime user of the site.

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