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MOXY is the last remaining Muscle Oxygen sensor. It was the first to market in 2013 and has always focussed on the ‘pro’ end of the customer base. BSX and HUMON HEX both tried reaching out to the customer end of the market with their products and both ultimately failed, although Hex does seem to be sold in certain countries by former distributors and still ‘works’ (I use one).

One of the difficulties with Muscle Oxygen is that it does not simply ‘go up’ or ‘go down’ as you try harder, at least not in the same ways as you might expect with heart rate. Thus adding a layer of understanding above the raw numbers is tricky eg Muscle Oxygen ZONES are a somewhat nebulous thing. The Humon Hex app did present zones but the methods behind them were always ‘secret’ and perhaps not as scientifically sound as an inquisitive user would like. Do NOT expect zones from the Moxy Portal. Although, as you can see in the proposed screen image above, colouration will be used to indicate the state of oxygenation. (Red=Oxygenated in the example shown)

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Muscle Oxygen metrics are already an integral part of the ANT+ profile and are supported by Wahoo and Garmin. Furthermore, Moxy already have several Garmin CIQ features for displaying data from multiple sensors as well as supporting test protocols.

Moxy Portal

Once funded, the Moxy Portal will comprise a mobile app for data collection, a data cloud for storage and web tool to analyse/share the data.  This is envisaged to work in real-time so that coaches and athletes can see the same data without having to be physically in the same lab.

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Thus, informed coaches will be better able to direct more precise training outcomes for their athletes and better understand their physiological limiters.


The Kickstarter is open Now and closes on Feb 28, 2021, and starts at $199 for a lifetime membership with extra goodies if you commit more. The normal Moxy bundle is $819 so superficially at least it looks like a great deal if you sign up for the Kickstarter as you will get a current and fully-working Moxy sensor if you go for the $799 pledge.


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  1. I’d imagine a monthly subscription would be a more appealing business model for an online portal – especially with hosting and continual development costs.

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