Another Garmin Global GPS #Fail

Garmin Watches – Global GPS Errors AGAIN


Garmin is having a hard time this year. Early in January, we saw a significant shift in recorded GPS tracks on Garmin devices that have the latest Sony GNSS Chipset. By coincidence today I logged some of the ongoing battery problems you guys were having. Well, it looks like the GPS shift errors are back for the Sony Chipsets on Garmins.


Garmin Battery Woes Continue to spread


I had a one hour ride and a 45-minute run today sadly not with a single Sony chipset amongst the devices, just my trusty Apple Watch 6, an old Garmin and ‘something else’. However, reports are once again coming into the Garmin forums showing some significant shifts like these two from @AJR and @Sietse_runner (no relation).

Strangely this time the tracks seem shifted to the North or West, whereas last time it was to the South or West.




@temper00 shows two tracks, one good one from an old 920XT (right) and the other from a 945 (left). This one is very strange as the shift seems to have happened mid-run



A Fix?

The fix is to sync your Garmin device with Garmin Connect. This should update the satellite positions.

Next, to be sure, go outside and prepare as if you are about to go for a run. Wait until the GPS is fully locked on, you should hear a beep or get a green circle or something similar depending on the Garmin model you have.

Only then start your run recording. Leave the Garmin in the middle of your garden (or somewhere similarly safe and open) and leave it there recording for A FULL 15 minutes.

End the recording and all of that nonsense should have really, properly updated the satellite positions on your watch.

On your Garmin check this: System>About>CPE Expired. If it says ‘Expired’ you still have the problem.

Be mindful for the next few days to always get that satellite lock before embarking on exercise, you should NOT have to repeat the above steps.



Another solution, like with cycling, is to buy another device for your collection. So here are some thoughts for Garmin’s 2021 releases (955 yay!) or try the following link to products they could release but won’t (personally I think the latter is a more thought-provoking read)


Garmin Anti-Predictions – What WON’T happen in 2021




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