MOTIV Ring – Gone ?

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Motiv Ring ReviewMOTIV Ring Website Gone

It looks like Motiv Ring has closed up shop with its website well and truly offline.

MOTIV was acquired by Proxy just under a year ago but now there is no mention of the product on the Proxy site other than historic blog posts.

It was quite a nice product which perhaps could have been very slightly better made. That said it had some interesting specs and aimed to set itself apart from other ring products by also majoring on user authentication.

I’m not surprised it’s gone as the interest in it was very significantly lower than in other ring products.

Don’t get me wrong, the market for high-tech ring wearables is a multi-ten million dollar market with some serious money to be made. Apple, Garmin or one of the more focussed Chinese brands could nail this market. Amazon has a product too.

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Not being able to select text on your website is stupidly annoying.


I’ve just noticed this too. Maybe he had issues with plagiarism?


It’s your website and I understand where you are coming from but that won’t stop jerks from stealing content. If anything it simply makes a regular reader have a bad experience. I’m not a subscriber but I removed it via custom css.