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Favero Assioma Firmware Update for leading Power Meter Pedals

With SRAM/Powertap P1/P2 pedals seemingly no longer marketed, the mantle for being the main pedal-based competitor of Garmin Vector 3 has fallen squarely to Favero and their Assioma Duo/Uno models.

It’s highly likely we will see a Garmin Vector 4 within 3 months and the Assioma is due a refresh this year (no intel on that, just speculation). One of the remaining features that need to spread more widely amongst power meters is AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION. Meaning that you just get on your bike and ride, the calibration happens but you literally have to do nothing but forget what you used to do and keep on pedalling, I guess that’s an extension of existing in-ride calibrations due to temperature changes.

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So, as of NOW, Favero Assioma Duo & Uno owners have a free firmware upgrade waiting for them in their iOS/Android apps and that gives the much-needed auto-calibration.

Naturally, you can still perform a manual calibration (zero-offset) if you like. The only caveat to all of this is that when you put the pedals on any new bike (ie including if you swap bikes) then you should perform a manual calibration.

That’s it.

Future Power Meter Pedal Features

Autocalibration will become standard on new models of power meter.

We will also see the development of power meter pedals chipping away at improving the existing characteristics. Those highlighted in bold are most important

  • battery type & battery life;
  • accuracy & frequency of data recording;
  • cleat compatibility – adding Shimano cleat compatibility;
  • weight/size & durability;
  • reliability;
  • Ease of use/autocalibration;
  • Support for carbon cranks;
  • support for elliptical chainrings;
  • special metrics (yet more cycling dynamics); and
  • dimensions (stack height and Q-factor).


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