new Hoka Mach 4

Hoka Mach 4 – Every Day Trainer

One of my rotation shoes is the Hoka Rincon/Rincon 2 (thanks Barrie) which I quite like for its blend of lightness and cushioning. Kinda good as an all-around shoe and I’d even consider using it in an HM. Their main bad point is somewhat excessive wear on the outside of the sole. Some shoes might go past 500 miles….the Rincon won’t for me.

Anyway, Hoka has just announced the Mach 4 which is more of an everyday trainer although Hoka claims it adds a bit of oomph as well.

Buy: £125 direct from Hoka One One with free shipping


W27mm heel 22mm forefoot
M29mm heel24mm forefoot


W6.8 oz.192g
M8.2 oz.232g



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8 thoughts on “new Hoka Mach 4

  1. I mean, 8.2 oz (I’m going to assume it’s for the American size 9) isn’t bad, but if it’s an everyday trainer, why this over the latest Cliffton? Is it a gap shoe between the Cliffton and the Bondi, and if so, why?

      1. For all their faults, Nike is probably one of the best at telling customers what the shoe is, what’s it meant for, and what you’re going to get out of it. Granted, they throw everything at the wall and hope more stick than not, but you know exactly what that shoe is if you buy the newest Structure or Pegasus.

  2. I seem to be getting excessive wear all over the shoe! Picked up a pair of Rincons on a BF deal last year, normally I wear runners ’til the sole is almost flat which has taken ~2k km on some but don’t think it will on these ones.

    1. they show wear REALLY quickly but keep going. swapping a new pair after 500mile, the extra ‘bouce’ in the sole is MUCH more noticable
      edit: just seen your image. that is MUCH more worn than mine

  3. I really like the Hoka shoe, it enabled me to stop using orthotics. However, at 6 foot 2 and 190 lbs., all of them wear out at 300 miles. Almost all of my running is on concrete.

  4. Just got these today, first impression is that they are very similar to the Carbon X2 but without the carbon plate. So less aggressive.
    Or they could be described as the Rincon 2 but with some ProFly foam, so a little softer on the landing.
    If you like the Rincon or the Carbon X then you will probably like these.
    The exposed layer is probably a little tougher than the Rincon, so i would say 400 – 500km. I guess it all depends on how heavy you are and how your foot hits the floor.

    1. thanks Barrie
      I’ve been changing how i run recently as i do whack the ground too hard. i might give them a go, that said i would like something softer as a trainer.

      with the rincon i can tell the difference after 50km. there’s just something subtle missing in the energy return. i remember all my rincons and the r2 both were just noticeably faster on their first run or two.

      i was thinking of you the other day when i came back from the m25 into staines. that’s one of my favourite bits of road for some reason…downwind and smooth, usually with few cars. the reality of the bridge and staines towncentre soon diminishes any warm glow tho.

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