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Garmin’s next new watch


We have a picture of Garmin’s most likely next watch which is the Mk2s diving watch.

I’d forgotten about this one when I said that the Garmin Enduro was the last in the line of Fenix 6 iteration before the Fenix 7 later this year!

The Garmin MK2 and MK2i were released in October 2020 and the MK2 has a case size of 52mm (Fenix 6X is 51mm)

What we are seeing here is the ‘s’ or small version of the MK2 with a case size 1mm or so bigger than the Fenix 6s. The 6s has a case size of 42mm and you can see from the image that this is probably a tad bigger than that.

Clearly, the specs will be modified from the MK2 in areas like battery life, simply because the case is smaller.

Other interesting things to watch out for

  • It was possible that the Enduro had new battery tech that delivered its awesome battery life (as well a larger battery and a more energy-efficient motherboard via @BR). *IF* that is the case then the MK2s might, just might, have a slightly better battery life than we would expect – I don’t think so
  • The MK2s could also be a test-bed for a smaller version of the energy-efficient motherboard. Again this is doubtful because of the possibility of death when diving…no risks can be taken. This is partly why the Descent comes as the last variant of the Fenix line.
  • The unlikely introduction of the new Sony GNSS chip on this watch (we WILL see it later this year though)

More Info: FCC

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14 thoughts on “new Garmin Fenix-based watch | Photo + info | You won’t be happy

  1. Is this the watch that had FCC confidentiality until yesterday? Are you saying we won’t be happy because this is the aesthetic that the Fenix 7 will have?

    1. ha, no. more that 99.9% of readers here have no interest in diving products.

      1. Ha, im one of the blessed 0.1% 😜
        But being the dad of two small lions (at least my girls eat mine those) and in public service, my budget for it is similar to the diving budget of the 99.9%.
        Getting bottom time once every 3-5 years is just not enough. And for shure not enough to justify a Descent 😢

  2. Well, regular Garmin diving computers are quite a puck, with 52mm size and almost 18mm height. They do look great on hairy manly wrists of commercial divers perhaps, less so on svelte urban crowd handsticks 🙂 Garmin needs smaller units to compete against the likes of Suunto who have a range of watch-like sizes.

    Also, given MK2 starts at $1299, perhaps a smaller, simpler, no-frills watch can occupy a space below $1000 seeing MK1 built on top of Fenix 5 (or was it 5+?) is showing its age.

  3. On the plus side, the x45 Forerunner’s and F6’s are likely to receive more features via software updates. They could also be adding polish to a new Sony chip, trying to release it with better than 745 accuracy. Or maybe they just busy creating minor F6 variations.

  4. The battery life on the Mk2s is *way* better than the Fenix 6s. 16 days in smartwatch mode (24/7 OHR) according to the user manual, compared to 9 days for the 6s. So it seems like there is some hardware difference.

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