new RunScribe RED – Pro Gait Analysis Pods

RunScribe RedRunScribe Red – next Generation Gait Analysis

Both the RunScribe pods and the company have gone through a few iterations and the latest is a step forward with improved performance capabilities.


A Quick History

RunScribe’s dual pod solution was always interesting and potentially superior to the market leader, STRYD, which has only ever used one-sided data collection from the pod.

RunScribe certainly IS power-capable but instead, they decided to focus more on delivering the widest range of marketing-leading gait metrics. If you are a gait geek or happen to own a gait lab then RunScribe will almost certainly be the product for you.

As well as a pod for each foot, a further hip (sacral) pod was also added last year, just in case you needed a few more metrics 😉

However, RunScribe has had to contend with various technical issues, not necessarily of their making. The earlier pods weren’t always great to pair to your smartphone and the PLUS model suffered a teething problem when Garmin released the Fenix 5/5s which weren’t really up to the job of receiving data from several sensors…RunScribe being one.

If I recall correctly the Plus model wasn’t quite powerful enough to transmit dual-sided power along with all the other data. Presumably, that has now changed?

You can now pre-order RunScribe RED for delivery later in 2021 and it boasts some quite significant improvements in the internal hardware spec, including

  • Battery Life – a 3-4x improvement over RS Plus
  • Processor – 2x Program
  • RAM – 4x
  • Flash Memory – 2x (to 32MB)
  • Bluetooth Sync Speed – 8-16x speed improvement
  • Sensor
    • 4x improvement in Gyro/Accel noise/drift
    • 1000Hz capable
    • 2x Pressure sensor resolution

Realworld Differences

Often new improved tech doesn’t deliver too much in real-world usage. However these specs DO look to be significantly improved and RunScribe hopes to be able to extract more detailed/frequent data and, of course, a longer battery life.


You may have noticed that I am a little cynical of several gait products, every year there seems to be a special insole or shoe that can measure footstrike metrics. Those products tend to be insular and require you to use THEIR app with no initial Garmin CIQ integration…just a promise. Furthermore, they seem to be somewhat of a risky purchase when you consider how long they might survive as an insole.

Runscribe and footpods in general ARE DIFFERENT…I’m definitely behind pod-based solutions to running problems and definitely hope that RunScribe now has a market-beating gait product.

Pre-Order: HERE, for £299

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  1. It would be nice if they would deliver valid running power data as well with these pods. For a short while approximately 2 years ago there was beta functionality for this, where the footpod broadcasted power data over the bike powermeter ANT+ channel, just like the Stryd footpod does. A user of my Garmin datafield (Datarun premium) was able to use it then

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