QuietOn 3 announced (kickstarter)

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Much smaller than the Apple earbuds (different functions, for illustrative sizing purposes)

QuietOn 3 announced

QuietOn has just announced an Inidiegogo project for the production of their gen 3 product – QuietOn 3.

These are ANC sleep earbuds, meaning that they have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) which, when combined with the physical buffer of the foam, cancels out almost all ambient noise…snoring, for one! Traffic noise for another. Specifically, these are aimed at enhancing sleep but they can also be used during the day if, for example, you are working or travelling in noisy places and you want to concentrate. They are NOT earbuds that playback music.

I tested and produced a review of the earlier Quieton 2 and liked them, they were generally good. These new Gen 3 earbuds seem to address one issue I pointed out in that they are smaller and might therefore make sleeping on the side of your head easier.




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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission