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Garmin Rally – Power Meter Pedal Range | Opinion

At $1200 a pair, Garmin is coming in with premium market pricing for their new series of RALLY power meter pedals. That sounds expensive to me for trail pedals and even the cheaper road pedals at $1099 are still expensive considering the option of the Assioma models, available at still lower prices. That said, many Garmin products command and receive the RRP for the first few months of sale until production catches up and all the first adopters’ needs are fulfilled. Simply put, as consumers, we are willing to pay these prices.

Even ignoring the slightly unusual conditions around a new product launch, these are still expensive and must have something special, right?

Answer: Yep!

Garmin Rally – In a nutshell

A comprehensive power meter pedal series of solutions from Garmin to suit most types of riding. Cheaper, single-sided power models give the competition something to think about and justify the lower price tag by omitting cycling dynamics.

Other key specs like accuracy and weight are broadly unchanged from the earlier Vector 3 but Garmin has made the Rally’s design more robust to address longstanding durability issues. Now the range is widened with the support of the 2 main road cleat types (SPD-SL, KEO) and, with SPD, also provides a compelling off-road option. These choices can scoop up significant market share simply by responding to what customers demand.

If you urgently want a pair they are initially in very short supply. For example, the off-road pedals have been MASSIVELY ordered by dealers and there is insufficient stock – you likely won’t get a pair of those for at least 3 weeks. Grab the first you see.

Garmin Rally – Key Specifications

Here are the key Garmin Rally Specifications

  • Battery life: up to 120 hours
  • Weight: 316 g
  • Water resistance.: IXP7
  • Maximum rider weight: 105 kg
  • Accuracy: +/- 1.0%
  • Cleat type: SHIMANO SPD / SPD-SL, LOOK KEO
  • Q-factor: 53 mm (55 mm with provided 2 mm washer)
  • Stack height: 12.2 (road), 13.5 mm (off-road) – compare to regular pedals DuraAce is 8.8mm and M9100 is 8.4mm
  • Field calibration, automatically calibrates with temperature changes
  • Adjustable release tension
  • Battery type: LR44/SR44 (2 per power sensing pedal) and/or CR1/3N (1 per power sensing pedal)
  • Measurement location: spindle, nicely hidden away with no ‘hub’ like on the Assioma


Garmin Rally, Buy Now – USA, UK, EU

Confused at what model name to order? Example: Garmin Rally RS100 is the single-sided version for Shimano road cleats.

Power Meter City – In Stock

Garmin Rally – Cycling Dynamics

I love my data but most of us will end up not even looking at the power balance stats let alone the wealth of cycling dynamics that come on the DUAL models, namely, Platform Centre Offset, Standing/Seated, Power Phase, Pedal Smoothness. Really, don’t persuade yourself to buy the DUAL model because of these extra stats. You get cadence and power on the single-sided pedals…that’s all you need.

Garmin Rally – Durability

Garmin’s press release claims that RALLY has undergone extensive testing. Naturally, they would say that. I do believe them and I do believe that they will want to avoid the fiasco that was the Vector 3 battery covers. So using the latest gen covers plus a more durable threading mechanism plus lots of testing should mean that these pedals are good for the long haul. Or you could buy the less pretty Assiomas that ARE good for the long haul.


2021 – The Year of Wider Cleat Compatability

We’ve just seen Wahoo announce a SPEEDPLAY compatible power meter for launch in a few months time and there is even more to come.

For sure, this year will see power meter pedal companies FINALLY responding to one of the last unmet, high priority needs, summed up as, “I want to use MY preferred cleats“. Whilst Garmin still doesn’t support SPEEDPLAY they have excelled themselves this time around and instead released THREE power meter pedal variants covering Look/KEO, Shimano SPD-SL and Shimano SPD. Even better, each of those comes as a single-sided (100) or dual-sided (200) version – ie 6  SKUs. Of course, if you are a gravel/trail/MTB cyclist then this means that you can choose Garmin pedals for those different types of cycling too.

Note: There ARE significant stock shortages at launch and I’m pretty sure there are zero discounts at launch. So if you want to be one of the first owners of RALLY then just find the model you want and hit the trigger.


This new Vector was leaked to me way back in September 2020 and yet today’s new name came as somewhat of a surprise. I don’t think it’s a good name on a variety of levels of connotations with Raleigh Bike, Rally motoring and demonstrations, however, I guess that ultimately doesn’t really matter. What DOES matter is how these perform and how they stack up to the competition.

The problem Garmin HAD was that their Vector 3 was essentially hard to differentiate from the Favero Assioma in the minds of Jo Public. The Favero Assioma is and was significantly cheaper and probably technically superior and more reliable in many respects. With Garmin Rally pedals, much of that technical ambivalence may now have abruptly changed but ONLY IF you stump up the extra cash. Even then, many will not bother to pay more as Assioma remains a perfectly good solution.

These are some of the many factors at play when buying power meter pedals


Buy Garmin Rally Power Meter Pedals

If you get a RALLY PM shipped immediately from one of the first batches you’ll be lucky eg in the UK even Sigma Sports won’t get stock to ship until April. If you have to pre-order get in there ASAP as these will go like hotcakes and the complications of stocking 6 SKUs makes it even trickier to find what you want from a dealer you can trust to get it in for you.

Reserve/Buy yours now – the highest chance of early stock in your preferred configuration will be at larger retailers like Power Meter City (USA), and Wiggle (UK, Eu). I’ll link to a few more retailers in your country in the blue banner immediately below but those 4 are the ones I recommend and other dealers will likely only receive very small parts of their initial orders.













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