Garmin RALLY – now in UK, and available at Power Meter City in the USA

Garmin RALLY – now in UK, and available at Power Meter City in the USA

Wiggle has just put up their limited supply of Garmin Rally stock for those lucky enough to grab one in the first round. They are linked to here and by clicking this image. As you can see, if you are an existing Wiggle Platinum customer then they are automatically priced incorrectly and you can get 12% off…this is a MISTAKE but a mistake that could save you £100. If you are in the EU and go to the site this mistake is NOT there. Try ordering via this link instead (EU). You will only see this if you are an existing PLATINUM level Wiggle customer and until they spot the mistake!

Power Meter City (USA) has had most Rally models in stock for a few days and you can get yours here or from this image. Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Garmin RALLY – now in UK, and available at Power Meter City in the USA

  1. How do you know that it’s a mistake and not an intended discount? Have you confirmed with them that it’s a mistake? (nope, because you say “until they spot the mistake”)

    As an affiliate, you’ll get a commission, but suggesting EU customers buy from a UK shop rather than an EU shop to make some profit is disingenuous, because they’ll probably have to pay import taxes on anything that ships from UK.

    I suggest you reconsider your monetization strategies, because you’ve been losing a lot of credibility lately, and this blog is rapidly becoming useless. I used to like this place, but no longer feel that I can trust anything you write about.

    1. because it was changed within 24 hours. that’s why I now know for sure it was a mistake plus Garmin never allow such discounting on launch day, I know that because I broadly understand how their relationship with retailers/dealers works
      it’s up to you who you trust.

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