Endurance product of the year 2021 – nominations welcomed

NPE Runn ReviewEndurance product of the year 2021 – nominations

I need some help on this one.

What is going to be the product of the year for endurance athletes?…aka triathletes for th epurposes of this post.

Last year, the imaginary award would have gone to NPE RUNN. It is innovative, good value for money and of a sufficient appeal to a reasonably large number of people. As it turned out, CV19 made RUNN EVEN MORE of a success than NPE probably ever dreamt of as we all slaved away on our treadmills to RUNN’s super-accurate treadmill data. The awesome PowerDot massager-thingy was also awesome even before introducing extra awesomeness by automating workout suggestions with both Garmin and Strava. In any other year that would have won, personally, that product has probably given me more benefit than any other but that’s just injury-prone-me.

So I’m looking for something like that, something different. It could be Xert polishing off their power algorithm for triathletes using both running +bike power (but they haven’t finished that yet as it’s freakin’ complicated) or it could be some tasty gym gadgetry (I have some ideas there) or it could be the next great sensor, although I’m struggling. Garmin Vector Air?…nah. A new Garmin watch that’s nearly the same as the previous one won’t qualify BUT Garmin LTE might; as might Garmin native running power.

Something clever like AI Endurance’s artificial intelligence-based triathlon plans could be a candidate. Anything. Based in CIQ, Apple app store…whatever. Even a scientific invention/discovery might count (DFA a1)

If anyone invents a non-invasive glucose sensor for athletes or a hydration sensor for athletes that actually works then, hey, that’s up there as well and would probably win.

If it’s YOUR company’s product/service…please feel free to abuse the comment system below and add lots of links 😉



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