50K World Record Stats – Powered by Coros | plus Wahoo news

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50K World Record – Powered by Coros

I think there will be a few ultra world record attempts this year with probably all of them sponsored by various GPS watch companies.

Yesterday, Des Linden nailed the 50K world record whilst sporting a Coros Apex Pro 42mm. 2:59:54 Ouch! Nice job. Perhaps the uber-light Coros Pace 2 may have saved her a further fraction of a second? I guess we’ll never know.

There are some interesting stats she gathered from the record performance shown below. Not least that the course wasn’t even flat!

I’m guessing she used the onboard running pace rather than Stryd and the stats for that show a very even effort with a very slight uptick on the hills, and the cadence is also impressively flat at 194. Stride length does show some shortening towards the end but, hey, none of us could have done better!

Wahoo News

The Wahoo Rival has had some firmware sweetness in recent weeks. The latest of which included some GPS accuracy improvements.

At launch, it was obvious that it wasn’t worth wasting my time to test the GPS accuracy…so I didn’t. They take a considerable amount of time to complete and I’m sure that Wahoo wouldn’t want bad results permanently stored in a review, plus I wouldn’t want to devote that time knowing that improvement was around the corner.

buy Wahoo Elemnt RIVAL review specifications

Anyway, GPS performance DOES now look better but still with some room for improvement. So I guess I shall have to look at it a bit more closely.

My provisional findings so far are that GPS instant pace is wrong (same for every GPS watch) but lap average paces and 1km lap times were not too shabby at all. The post-workout GPS tracks look mostly good but with some strange sections where the algorithm hasn’t been too clever at smoothing corners and tracks near buildings.

I’m still waiting for the RIVAL to support a calibrated footpod for pace/distance but have heard no news on that.

Looks like there will be some new features in the May/next Rival firmware release. I’m not expecting those to be the training plan and structured workout support but I could be wrong (they WILL come)



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I love the fact that this is the only news coming out for Coros 🙄.


cant find any info about this press release, can U tell about what it was?


Yeah, I’ve been looking as well. There’s nothing currently at 1:30 CST.


Thanks for that. But, basically, that’s; “Hey guys Firstbeat is expensive, and Garmin owns it now (the parts that matter at least) so, we’re finally doing what we said we would–a year ago and introduce new metrics.”

That about right?


That pace of hers.. Good God. She wouldn’t even have time to see me wave as she ran right by my slow arse.


Maybe she used the coros pod? Not sure if there will be stride length without that…


Regarding the Wahoo Rival, the training peaks update is the next update from what I’ve been told, as well as the sleep monitoring update.

It can still come this month, but it’s uncertain.

On other news, I don’t seen some new functions I already have on the firmware update logs.

I already have touchless rest intervals on swimming activities, for example, which is new for me.

I can’t see anything regarding Android notifications, however, and (at least) phone calls would be nice.