SRAM Rival Power Meter | Cheapest sensible option on the market today

SRAM Rival Power Meter | Super Cheap, Super Sensible

SRAM has today shaken up the slow-moving world of power meters and groupsets. First, SRAM once again offers a more advanced electronic groupset option than Shimano with their announcement today of the 12-speed electronic RIVAL AXS. Then SRAM proceeds to annoy 4iiii and Stages by offering an even cheaper single-sided power meter option. (I don’t know why the description is for 12-speed…I assume it’s because it’s only meant to be used on the Rival 12-Speed groupset)

Yes, for £230/€/$260 you can get a single-sided upgrade to your existing SRAM setup. This makes it the cheapest recommendable option for a DF power meter. Better than that, Wiggle Platinum members already get 12% off and I suspect my discount with PowerMeterCity in the USA will probably also give you 10% off as of ‘very soon’.

Here are the headline stats

  • Crank: 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
  • Bottom Bracket: All SRAM Road DUB BBs, All SRAM Road WIDE DUB BBs
  • DUB-PWR spindle-based sensor unit measures left side power and then doubles to estimate total watts. This measuring method is fine and similar to that used by Race Face, Easton CINCH and Zwatt none of whom are trading.
  • Proven Quarq reliability and accuracy (I think accuracy is +/-3%, which is a tad high but JUST about usable)
  • Long battery life (400+ hours) to power a season of rides (this is great)
  • User-replaceable lithium AAA battery
  • DUB bottom bracket adds durability and simplicity
  • Waterproof (IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
  • Lightweight (less than 40g heavier than standard crankset)

Take Out

This price point shakes up the power meter market to a degree. However, that shakeup is limited only to those of you who have compatible BBs ie you will already be running a SRAM groupset of some sort.

Let’s assume the price falls in sales and/or periodically with discounts to £199 or /€/$230. I think that is a perfectly fair and reasonable floor for pricing for a power meter. It’s accessible to very many cyclists.

Buy one

  • Power Meter City USA – $250 – (TBC try code the5krunner10 for 10%)
  • Competitive Cyclist USA – $250 – (15% off for first-time buyers who sign up for the newsletter, which should apply to this PM but I’m not 100% sure)


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