Garmin Announces Upcoming Wearables to support CIQ3-System-4 | Very Soon

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Garmin Announces Upcoming Wearables supporting CIQ System4 | Launching VERY Soon

Garmin has just announced the imminent arrival of new products (plural) that will be able to take advantage of some of the new graphics capabilities of CIQ System 4 with this line:


The APIs are available and the products coming, so now is the time to think about how developers can get their apps ready. (Source: Garmin)


Information has been officially distributed to 3rd party developers explaining some of the new graphics features of CIQ System 4 to enable them to better prepare for the imminent launches of new Garmin sports & fitness watches.

Some of the CIQ Release Details are highly technical and two of the key developments that we will see for screens are the support for new, more efficient file formats and, more importantly, a lot of the graphics processing can now be accomplished separately in a new graphics pool. Graphics should get a whole lot more interesting on a Garmin coming to your wrist real soon.

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It’s perhaps no surprise that this coincides with the launch later this week of the Garmin Venu 2 and Venu 2S and their lovely OLED screens.

What’s In It For Us?

In the very short term not much. The heads-up to developers means that they can already start porting their existing apps over to support the ‘mystery new devices’ (2xVenu FR945LTE?, FR55?) that run CIQ level 4 even if the developers do not yet intend to take advantage of the new graphics capabilities.

Eventually, we may see a Fenix 7/8 Lite with an OLED screen.

This is great as it was one of the reasons why I returned my otherwise quite nice Garmin Enduro was that few of my CIQ apps worked properly and I just got fed up waiting for them to be made to work.

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18 thoughts on “Garmin Announces Upcoming Wearables to support CIQ3-System-4 | Very Soon

  1. You returned your enduro because the CIA was tracking you?? (hint.. I thinks its a typo…) 😁
    Might we see a 955?

    1. ty…you got in there quick!
      Neither me nor Grammarly spot some things until they have gone live.
      I think the 955 is doubtful for this year. next in that vein is 945LTE. I just can’t see a 955 quickly after that. I assume a plastic shelled 945LTE will be a low customer impact test bed for the Fenix 7’s that come with LTE

      1. I’d be tempted by a 945LTE – but it would very much depend on how the carrier side works, if at all in the UK.

      2. We have three carrier networks in Germany (T-Mobile, Vodafone, Tekefonica) – they should be able to figure this out 😉

        OTOH they can’t get Garmin Pay to work here. For example, they do support VISA theoretically but my bank is not supported for whatever reason… it’s still VISA, after all… I guess it’s really low priority for them.

      3. Im using Vimpay for Garmin Pay. German banks are really hating Visa Debit systems, that’s also the reason why Apple Pay took that long to arrive here and for Sparkasse, they made a huge Extrawurst. German banks insist on the EC system because they can see and seel statistics about your payment behaviour with it while they can’t in credit card systems.

      4. I just don’t get the 945LTE. I’m one die-hard for LTE to ditch the phone for live-tracking, but I’m unlikely to go for the 945LTE when it’s pretty much 2-year old tech otherwise and I’d rather get the eventually 955 or F7 with LTE.

        Unrelated – I understand the need for ads, but as a supporting, the ads make this site extremely difficult to follow. There are ads everywhere, it’s sometimes hard to tell where a story is vs an ad, the pop-ups are frustrated, etc. I would’ve thought being a supporter would’ve reduced the ad frequency.

      5. I know I need a developer to turn off ads but it’s not an easy thing to do. i found someone who could do it but who said as soon as anything was upgraded it would stop working…so that would be no good.
        You should find that ‘major’ bits of contents like reviews have no ads or virtually no ads.
        It’s also hard for me to see what is happening as very different sets of ads show for me compared to you.
        i can fine tune ho wmany are shown so i will crank one of the settings down a notch

      6. Ads: I’ve almost stopped viewing your site on the mobile phone – sorry. But on my desktop it looks great – as is the content 🙂
        (not moaning – just FYI)

      7. What do you make of the fcc filling that shows forerunner 55 coming out around June 2? I would expect the whole line to drop simultaneously, as the 45 line did.

      8. I was responding to your comment saying you didn’t think the 955 would come this year. The 55 certainly appears to be coming, do you have reason to believe the 955 won’t drop at the same time?

      9. Seems VERY odd that they would launch the 945LTE at the same time as the 55. Fishy.

      10. Why are they adding a feature like that to a watch that’s two years old? If that’s the case then who knows if we’ll even see a 955 this year right? I’m ready to upgrade but don’t want to invest in 2 year old hardware. Will just have to keep waiting for either Fenix 7 or 955.

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