Ramadan Fasting – track & measure your metabolism with Lumen

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Ramadan Fasting – track & measure your metabolism with Lumen

I covered a full review of Lumen a few months ago and today some interesting new functionality linked to metabolism tracking during fasting has been announced.


Ramadan Fasting Monitoring with Lumen

What is Lumen?

Lumen is a breathalyser that measures the amount of carbon dioxide in your breath and from that Lumen infers how your metabolism is performing. Athletes might use this, people following a keto-style diet might use this and now there are some Ramadan-specific customisations for those of you wanting to learn more about your body as you move into a month of fasting and, potentially, some significant changes to your metabolism.

IN-DEPTH: Lumen Review

Why track your metabolism during Ramadan?

  • Get insights into how the fast is impacting your metabolism
  • See how Iftar and Sahur meals impact your body
  • See your body’s fat burn capacity throughout the month
  • Get actionable steps to maintain a flexible metabolism

Lumen: More info here

Ramadan Mubarak

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