CIQ System 4 Super Apps: Does your Garmin Support them?


Does your Garmin support CIQ System 4 super Apps?


Q: What is a Garmin Super App?

A: It’s a widget combined with an app (Garmin’s definition of a CIQ app). You can launch the app from its widget.

 A new feature of CIQ System 4 is ‘super apps’. (Source: Garmin). The following table shows all the existing Garmin devices and which current CIQ version they support. If they support System 4 then YES you could get support for ‘super apps’…the reality will be hardware-dependent and whether or not Garmin choose to let individual models have certain features.

SYSTEM 4 ie CIQ 3 but

a different one to SYSTEM 3!

API Level <= 1.5.0API Level <= 2.4.0API Level <= 3.1.0API Level >= 3.2.0
D2 BravoApproach® S60Approach® S62Descent Mk2
D2 Bravo TitaniumForerunner® 735xtD2 AirEdge® 530
epixvívoactive® HRD2 CharlieEdge® 830
fēnix® 3Edge® 1000 / ExploreD2 Delta/PX/SEdge® 1030
fēnix® 3 HREdge® 520Descent Mk1hmmmm
Forerunner® 230Edge® 130/PlusEnduro
Forerunner® 235Edge® 520 Plusfēnix® 6 Series
Forerunner® 630Edge® 820Forerunner® 245 Series
Forerunner® 920XTfēnix® 5Forerunner® 745
Forerunner® 45fēnix® 5 Plus FamilyForerunner® 945
tactix® Bravofēnix® ChronosLegacy Series
quatix® 3Forerunner® 645 SeriesMARQ® Series
vívoactive®Forerunner® 935Montana 7 Series
GPSMAP 66 Seriestactix® Delta Series
Oregon 7 SeriesVenu®
quatix® 5Venu® Sq
Rino Seriesvívoactive® 4 Series
vívoactive® 3 Series


Garmin says that the system number tells us the set (or group) of devices that meet the minimum API level. So it will be interesting to see if tomorrow’s(?) Garmin Venu 2 will be System 4/API 3.2.0…I would guess it will be and it will support API level 4 when available.




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5 thoughts on “CIQ System 4 Super Apps: Does your Garmin Support them?

  1. Garmin has a lot of love towards the 245. It’s getting on to 2yrs old now, but has had so many good updates and now looks to be CIQ4 compliant too. Quite the bargain on Amazon right now at £204. I’m tempted even though I’ve had my 645M for less than 6 months, but I rarely use the music function and the battery life looks doubtful for my 100km in the summer.

  2. Pretty sure Level 4 is different than CIQ 4. You aren’t likely getting CIQ 4.0 on last years devices. As stated in the 4.0 release notes, there are some compiler features in 4.0 that work across the board, but not any of the features that require hardware. So no, you aren’t getting CIQ 4.0 on the 245.

    1. Thanks for the clarification – it did seem too good to be true.
      Though £204 does seem like good value still for the 245.

  3. The Fenix 5 plus series watches do have firmware 3.2. As far as I know only the new Venu watches get CIQ4 firmware (and maybe the Enduro?)

    1. sorry i thought i had clarified that but i hadn’t. CIQ 3 system 4 is not CIQ 4. there are two divisions of ciq 3. the announced stuff seems to be about the upper tier of ciq 3 ie about SYSTEM 4….eeesh. you couldn’t make it up. At least we found out what new job the old menu designer got 😉

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