New Motion Labs (NML) Enduo Evole – to debut at Tokyo 2020(1) Olympics

New Motion Labs (NML) Enduo Evole

New Motion Labs (NML) Enduo Evole – to debut at Tokyo 2020(1) Olympics


I like cool things that can make us a little bit faster. This is one of them.

The Enduo Evolve sprocket is a single-speed, polygonal sprocket (gear cog) aimed at performance track cyclists.



The highly detailed mechanics of chain-on-sprocket movement causes a small amount of power loss and wear. On your bike there is a tiny amount of chain-on-sprocket movement when the two engage, the new design significantly lowers that. There is also a tiny amount of movement within the chain structure as the chain links rotate slightly (simplistically). NML’s new sprocket can work with existing chains and claims to stop about 1% of the energy loss as well as prolonging the lifetime.


As this patented design is initially aimed at Olympic track cyclist you can assume it’s not going to be cheap. The two key downsides are that it will only work on sprockets with an even number of teeth and I can’t see it ever working too well with either a front or rear derailleur. But, hey, it’s aimed at track cyclists.

If this really can save 1% then any self-respecting gold medal contender is going to need one.

PDF: Detailed info HERE

More: New Motion Labs




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1 thought on “New Motion Labs (NML) Enduo Evole – to debut at Tokyo 2020(1) Olympics

  1. Ha. My first thought was: The 1%.
    But at what price (for amateurs).
    I kinda want to see if you can just buy a sprocket and sand down the teeth you don’t need!
    I no longer ride on the track, I’ve moved to far away. If I did, I would totally try it.

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