new Strava app – Crashes & Difficulties reported

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new Strava app – Crashes & Difficulties reported


My Strava app seems to be grinding slowly to a halt today in the UK and it seems I’m not alone as many users report problems with the first day of Strava’s newly refreshed Android and iOS apps.






Most users are reporting their woes here on Twitter.

The problem looks to be on the Strava server, perhaps too many of us are exploring the new app? Perhaps there is a more varied load by two sets of users some of whom are on the app and others not? Who knows? but what I think many of us do know is that it is slow and, as the images above show, sometimes this results in the service being unusable.

I persevered through the slowness and do have my Strava iOS app working.

There is no official comment from Strava as yet, although that might appear on their Twitter support feed.


I can’t see any workaround, for now, other than have an extra cup of coffee and wait for a while.

As of Thursday afternoon, my Premium account seems to now be working speedily well.


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7 thoughts on “new Strava app – Crashes & Difficulties reported

  1. Who’d work in IT hey. Ignored on all the good days – teased on the bad days 🙂

      1. My Premium a/c is a bit slow – but quite useable.
        In 2 minds whether to keep with the premium a/c when it expires this month. I like the route plotting tool, but that’s mostly it for the paid stuff.
        Enabling run power with Garmin watch would be a nice carrot, but long given up on that ever happening – far too niche.

  2. Yay, “search my activities” is the one feature I was missing so hard that I didn’t even know that I was missing it. I’ve spent so much time scrolling through my me-feed just to find that one special ride x years ago, over and over (apparently I have quite a few rides that I like looking back to).

    I was often using the training log (scrollable calendar thing) as a minor workaround to lessen the pain of scrolling marathons and recently it disappeared or at least moved to a place I found hard to navigate to. Now there’s search, and while it’s not lightning fast (searches are fast when everybody of looking at the same index, but here each user has their very own, personalized full text index) it is incredibly useful. For example a few years ago I started tagging rides with freshly replaced wear parts like e.g. #newchainride (and in this case the lnow-possible list of tagged rides confirms memories so implausible that I doubted them, very useful feature!)

    1. PS: or maybe, re-reading the article, that search is exactly what’s causing problems, if they implemented it in a naive table scan way? Hope it survives the encounter with reality, is just too valuable for me.

    2. yup. And if that ‘special’ workout was 5 years ago the data retrieval was never too quick. I think someone had to get the tape out of the cave and load it up.

      1. Oh, I don’t mind the intern getting a workout, and it’s perfectly fine with me if on a day or two she doesn’t achieve a new PR on the way to the room where they keep the cuneiform tablets.

        But if that search is implemented in a way that they have to run up and down that dusty staircase just as often as if had spent an hour scrolling backwards to get to that one special ride, then I have a problem: because then they’ll likely take away that feature again.

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