new Supersapiens live link to Garmin via CIQ

Supersapiens live link to Garmin via CIQ

When sensor X links to platform Y then there’s always a mini-story that can be written that a few people will read.

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However, the REAL stories are when sensor A never links to 3rd party platform B….sensor A just wants you to use their proprietary app and totally ring-fence you into their awesome world-beating data ecosystem that is certainly, definitely, absolutely going to be the next big thing. Invariably, Sensor A and their paltry ‘app’ goes bankrupt and, invariably, neither I nor anyone else ever writes the story about two things NOT linking up. It wouldn’t be interesting.

Not so Supersapiens. They get it. Hopefully. I say ‘hopefully’ as your smartphone is required to bring the link between your watch and sensor. Maybe that’s temporary

Supersapiens is a blood glucose monitoring system based on the Abbot Libre sensor and aimed at ‘pro’ athletes. How many pro athletes do you know who train with their smartphone over a Garmin watch? (Some do, I know, not many)

I have a wall next to my desk with a few holes in it. It’s from where I keep banging my head when companies tell me that they might plan to integrate to Garmin or Apple…down the line…’at some point’. #Sigh. Form Goggles, Core Body temperature sensor and the Stryd pod are three GOOD examples of ‘sensors’ that link to Garmin and Apple Watch, heck, even my PowerDot stimulator (seriously) links to both Strava and Garmin Connect, and my Lumen links to Garmin too with a quite snazzy widget.

Supersapiens recently announced a Garmin CIQ DATA FIELD which simply shows the current, live Glucose level reading in mg/dL. Probably, over time, they will introduce some form of colour coding and they could perhaps take a leaf out of Humon’s book who did some nice SmO2 ‘zones’ which perhaps didn’t have the scientific rigour backing them up but I quite liked them nevertheless. Blood Glucose levels are analogous to muscle oxygen in the sense that a given value does not necessarily indicate that you are in a particular zone and the context of other facts like whether or not it is rising/falling is also important (see the ‘arrow’ in the image to the right). That said ‘full’ or ’empty’ is always pretty clear and can be easily highlighted by colour coding on a Garmin data field.

Source: Garmin CIQ




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  2. I am so frustrated that this is not available in the US. It’s a US company. But our ridiculous rules around medical devices is keeping this fascinating technology out of reach. Waiting….

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