Garmin Sports Tech Now On Mars – Seriously!

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Garmin sports Tech on Mars – Seriously!

I’d missed this story from last month.

Garmin’s Z82 range finder is used in golf to accurately measure distances to hazards and the pin. That same Garmin tech is in the Mars Ingenuity Helicopter which recently launched a couple of times as a key part of the Mars 2020 Mission.

It’s not quite the same as Elon Musk getting mankind back to the moon (maybe) but I guess Garmin has got their tech further away from Earth than Mr Musk has so far managed.



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1 thought on “Garmin Sports Tech Now On Mars – Seriously!

  1. We aren’t in Kansas any more… Brilliant! I knew Garmin had a lot of money, but to hire NASA to fly to Mars for a marketing promo, he-he?! WHOOP with its influencer campaign has some serious step-up to do!

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