Peloton & Zwift Announcements

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Answer the Call of Yumezi, New Map  – Zwift



Peloton & Zwift Announcements

After capitulating to the inevitable, Peloton initiated some fixes and recalls a couple of weeks back.

Peloton Tread Lock

Today’s announcement from Peloton includes a software tweak to improve safety and it is one that was said at the time was ‘kinda obvious’ if anyone had thought about it. Which they hadn’t.

The earth-shatteringly complex fix is to simply disable the Peloton after 45 seconds of inactivity and require a password to restart it. Actually, it’s not quite so simple and the following conditions all must be met to avoid an inadvertent lock up.

  1. You have not touched the screen for at least 45 seconds.
  2. Your speed is at 0 mph.
  3. The incline has not been adjusted for at least 45 seconds.
  4. You are not in a class.


new Zwift World – Makuri

Watopia will still continue as before but today heralds the dawn of a new cycling world…Makuri. More specifically we get the first instalment which is the Yumezi map, set on what seems to be a Japanese-inspired land.

Gravel tracks, wooden bridges, flat smooth roads and of course a few lumpy bits

Enjoy, check out the video above (or link here) for a flavour of what you can ride later today


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  1. Visually it’s quite pleasing to the eye and the gravel sections nice too. Not everyone likes subscription models but it’s clear it brings continuous development in Zwift at least.

      1. Endless loop .. subscription model exists because of the venture capital money

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