Cool Product Day: BikeTaggr – discretely attach Apple AirTags to your bike plus PSIcle

buy bike taggr review apple airtag
Add your tool bag here as well, they’ll still the bad and miss the BikeTaggr…sweet.

BikeTaggr – attach Apple AirTags to your bike

A very cool heads up for this sweet little attachment that fastens your Apple AirTag to your bike in several places. It’s less than $20 on Amazon

It’s a little AirTag holder that will bolt stealthily underneath your saddle or water bottle cage whilst, obviously, holding your AirTag

buy bike taggr review apple airtag


You can fasten to other places too like behind a reflector or on your bike rack.  It comes with cable ties to attach to more unusual places but the standard with holes already drilled should be good for many places on many bikes.

Remember you have to hide your AirTag but if you put it inside your frame you may stop its ability to transmit its location to a passing iPhone.

Apple AirTags are awesome item-finders but need some more thought when used as trackers as they’re not trackers per se. Check out this detailed Apple AirTag Review for every detail on that.

Also cool today is PSIcle

PSIcle – Digital Tyre Pressure Sensor

PSIcle using near-field comms (NFC) just like when you are tapping to pay for something except it lets your smartphone read the tyre pressure. A good use is to simply save one minute before you take your bike out by manually attaching the pump only to find the tyre pressure is fine. Well, at least you think it’s fine. With PSIcle you also get a pretty accurate reading without any air sneaking out as your remove the pump head.

Accuracy is to within 0.7psi for road tyre and even better on the MTB version. Works with a PRESTA valve on either Android or iOS smartphones.

Support now on Kickstarter: here (it’s always a risk with kickstarter but I’ve had some email exchanges with Chris the inventor and he seems cool).



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