Garmin Introduces 2FA & now accepts PayPal

Garmin now uses 2FA non ConnectGarmin introduces 2FA and accepts PayPal

Two recent additions to Garmin Connect and the Garmin store will definitely make things easier and safer for us all to use. Safer in that we can access Garmin’s platform with the increased security offered by 2FA and easier in that we can buy our new devices directly from the Garmin store using our Paypal Accounts.

Some History

In July 2020 the Garminpocalypse saw a ransomware attack on some parts of Garmin’s IT infrastructure. As a result, its whole service was taken offline for several days, resulting in some annoyed customers and a high degree of embarrassment.

No doubt there have been numerous security changes behind the scenes but it’s probably more of a cultural change that has led to the ability that Garmin customers now have to use 2FA to secure their own accounts on either the Garmin store or Garmin Connect.

How Does 2FA Work?

Garmin now optionally lets you secure your account so that logging on requires both your regular password and a special, dynamically generated number. This number can only be sent to you by SMS or email.

As far as I can see, using the method of a more secure, 3rd party authenticator app is NOT supported. Grrr.

Sounds Good, How Do I enable 2FA on Garmin Connect?

Simple. On a desktop computer, go to this link to Garmin Connect.

You can get to the same page by a somewhat tortuous route in the Garmin Connect app.

  • More> Settings> Profile & Privacy> Manage Garmin Account
  • Select Update Sign-on Settings

As I say, it’s a tortuous process and to illustrate the workflow, here are just some of the screens you have to navigate.

How Does This Affect My Edge, Forerunner, Fenix or Vivoactive?

It doesn’t.

PayPal as a method of Payment

I’m sure you all know what PayPal is.

I use PayPal on this site to take payments for my wonderful supporter/subscribers (don’t forget…following the site for free gives reduced ads…just sayin’). It just saves me the headaches of having to host my own secure payments mechanism when PayPal does it all for me…for a fee, of course.

The great thing with PayPal, in my opinion, is that it is VERY easy to use. It makes buying things MUCH easier.

I’m constantly amazed by

  1. Why companies don’t have a PayPal payment mechanism (the answer is the cost and possibly also the disputes mechanism)
  2. Why the competing payment methods offered by credit cards are generally much more convoluted.

Anyway, thank you, Garmin. I shall be buying my Garmin 945LTE tomorrow with PayPal.



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3 thoughts on “Garmin Introduces 2FA & now accepts PayPal

  1. Still no PayPal on the Connect IQ store? Does Garmin not like money, or the prospect of luring more premium developers to the IQ store?

    1. you could maybe add a paypal credit card? I did look at this a while back and remember it couldn’t do what i wanted…life was too short and i just use my starling card for garmin as i know it’ll work.

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