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 Garmin Edge 530 Review

 Garmin Edge Updates Today

There are updates today to the Edge 830, 530 and 1030 Plus with several bug fixes here but also a few new nuggets of interest. These updates are identical to those released in beta over a month ago.

For the Edge 530, 830 and 1030 there is a more extensive beta list of features the most interesting of which seems to be some nice tweaks to map- & route-related features. Take a look…

Edge 1030 – Changes made from 4.10 to 5.10:

  • Course Routing
    Improved course routing speed.
    Added automatic course route caching.
  • Map
    Improved map visibility and contrast with new map themes.
    Added a popularity layer to highlight roads that Garmin users have ridden the most.
    Added directional arrows to routes, courses, and history lines.
  • Phone
    Added smart syncing before an activity.
    Added a Sync Now button to the settings widget and the Connected Features > Phone menu.
  • Updated Firstbeat library for various improvements and bug fixes including a fix for training stats being reset on a multiple-day activity.
  • CIQ
    Fixed issue with BLE sensors in CIQ data fields after waking the Edge from sleep mode.
    Fixed issue where activity controls would not work in a CIQ app.
  • Improved Garmin dual-mode sensor management.
  • Improved power meter calibration and software updates.
  • Improved the cycling dynamics page.
  • Increased maximum number of workout steps from 50 to 100.
  • Combined the indoor trainer Target Power and Resistance data fields into a single new ‘Trainer Mode Value’ data field that will dynamically change the title and value based on the current trainer mode between Target Power, Slope, and Resistance options.
  • Added support for including metabolic calories in the total calories reported in the calories data field and recorded in the activity file.


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9 thoughts on “new Garmin Edge features – interesting additions

      1. the short description still mentions Fenix/Marq, thought you might have missed something…

  1. The typo police wants to congratulate Garmin on keeping their loyal Edge 1010 customers up to date 😉

    It seems like when loading a course the track isn’t displayed during recalculation, which is quite unfortunate for those of us who like to load while on the go or start before it’s ready.

    1. On second attempt it’s displayed before ready, must have been a false alarm caused by being on some variation of “the course map” instead of the regular “activity map”. The non-immediate “course map” was also displaying little flags at the locations of turn notifications which would be super annoying/dysfunctional while riding, but they as well are absent in the regular map with course. Direction arrows are a great improvement, nice to see Garmin occasionally looking at their competitors for inspiration.

  2. Apparently the 945 got some new “fitness age” thingy based on several factors, like body fat and intensity minutes per week. Don’t know it’s a beta release only or another thing..

    1. i thought i covered that a while back when it came out on beta…just had a quick look but couldn’t see it so maybe not.
      one garmin can blur into another !!

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