Shimano Performance Selector for new Bib Shorts


Does my bum look fast in these performance shorts?


Once you are down to your target weight, concern naturally migrates to performance frames, tyres, wheels, helmets, aero bike computer and much more. Clearly, TT riders’ skin suits are known to considerably increase their speeds. Yet COMFORT also plays a part in performance.

So, have you considered the performance effect of your bib shorts? I’m thinking in terms of their ability to reduce drag because of the fit and material used. I’m also thinking of their ability to encourage you to be in a better aero position and let’s not forget that you only make contact with the bike, usually, in three places and the saddle is one of those points; your shorts must be important at that contact point.



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Do you have pro needs? Here is Shimano’s free and unique bib short selector.

Shimano Performance Selector for new Bib Shorts

Shimano has a wide range of cycling apparel and today announced TENKU as a new addition. Along with TENKU is a new online BIB SELECTOR tool that will suggest the best Shimano apparel for your riding needs and one of the answers to your lycra conundrum could be TENKU.

Shimano worked with to design the Tenku bib shorts to precisely match their Stealth saddle (a short-nosed pro saddle).

The Stealth is for more aggressive riding, it tilts the rider more forward, shifting pressure points and makes the rider more aerodynamic. Knowing this design characteristic meant we could be more precise in the construction of the padding. We reshaped the chamois and developed new super microfibre antibacterial honeycomb structured materials which are specifically made for longer rides at a higher pace. This wicks sweat better and even creates micro ventilation in the shorts where the anatomic cut in the Stealth saddle is. We could match the shape of the saddle exactly to the chamois, reducing chafing, creating a perfect fit and a superior garment in many ways.

Shimano product manager Giovanna Dominicus added, “We started our focus on the PRO Stealth saddle, which is a short-nose saddle design for fast and hard riding. It puts different demands on a chamois that aren’t immediately apparent but start to be noticed the longer you’re in the saddle, especially over back-to-back days. By being highly specific on the exact size, shape and material of the saddle, we could create a far more optimized bib short.

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