new Hammerhead HRM

new Hammerhead HRM

I used to get very excited about heart rate monitors. Now…less so.

That said, it’s worth a quick note to point out that Hammerhead quietly launched their new heart rate monitor a couple of days ago. It seems very reasonably priced at £54 and comes with a couple of BLE connections and the usual ANT+ too. The extra BLE connection is useful for Zwift.

The noteworthy feature is a fabric sensing pad in which strands of silver are woven with the material. This is claimed to be more comfortable and to work on low impedance skin and, as the strap supports the transmission of RR beats (HRV for want of a better phrase) this should be an accurate strap.


Finally, we come to a creditable 900 hours of battery life eked from a standard coin-cell CR2032 battery.

Hammerhead HRM Specs

  • Adjustable, washable, elastic strap
  • Strap length: 28”-48” or 711-1219mm
  • Weight: 15 grams (pod) 28 grams (strap)
  • Connection: 2x Bluetooth channels and ANT+
  • R-R Intervals
  • 30m (90f) Water-proof
  • Electrode material: Fabric with woven silver
  • Strap connector: Side
  • Battery life: Approx. 900+ hours
  • Battery type: User-replaceable CR2032 3 volts (included)


The strap is designed for cycling and so we should expect any fancy features to materialise in the months to come. There’s no point in retrieving cached HR data for cycling and the strap isn’t really that suitable for swimming at WR30. Maybe it could double as a cadence sensor? A feature that Wahoo can produce from some of their Tickr HR Straps.

Why bother? Well, it’s a convenience-thing for some people to buy a bundle and these straps must only cost a few dollars to make, so it’s a high margin add-on too. Instead of a bundle, Hammerhead is initially offering the HRM at half price with a new Karoo 2, which seems like a good deal.

Price: CAD79 / £52 / Eur64 / $64


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3 thoughts on “new Hammerhead HRM

  1. I’m curious to see how it works, having issue with my third (!!!) Tickr sample that either does not work, or give me very twitchy readings, with lots of spikes…
    The Dual BT + ANT is appealing…I wonder if the Polar h10, which costs around 15€ more brings anything better…(not interested AT ALL in cadence/flying times…)

    1. the H10 is a solid strap, perhaps the best in some respects. the only real issue with it is that the battery life seems shorter than it should be. for simple usage, polar h9 is a cheaper bet but still the same battery concern
      garmin hrm-pro/hrm-tri would be my other go-to straps. if you use a garmin watch you would then also get access to other features.

      thank you for your support

      1. Thanks for your insights. It really bugs me that the Tickr has some much issues producing clean readings…It something I’ve never read on reviews…
        Once again, thanks for this answer, and thanks for the tremendous work on your website 🙂

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