new Peloton Heart Rate Band

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US Safety Regulators tell some Peloton treadmill users to IMMEDIATELY STOP using TREAD+

After Peloton’s recent acquisition of ATLAS Wearables today’s rumours of a new Peloton wrist-wearable come as no surprise. Indeed these are more than rumours as analysis of the iPhone app shows that two sizes of Bluetooth strap will be available and that it will pair with all of Peloton’s current display mechanisms – from treadmill screens to displays on TVs.

The device is rumoured to have a small display that only indicates the status of the band

My guess would be that this would be a wrist or arm strap rather than a chest strap as more people probably prefer the former.

Images exist but they are not of the real device, they are artist’s mockups.

Source: Bloomberg

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5 thoughts on “new Peloton Heart Rate Band

  1. Are you thinking this will be more like a Whoop band as Atlas Wearables last watch had a lot of recovery and sleep capabilities similar to Whoop. Also Peloton introduced Strive score based on HR.

    1. the main goals will be for wearability, looks and integration with every aspect of the Peloton platform. I appreciate the background of Atlas and I suspect that similar functionality may come however such a move would shift Peloton away from its current focus on the in-workout experience – which is fine but it would be a change nevertheless. eg ask how and where you would see the recovery status.
      I’ve said many times that the whoop model is a good one and am continuosuly surprised why no-one is simply not just copying it.

      1. I know I don’t understand why Garmin hasn’t made a screen free wearable. It would be a great accessory for their watches.

        But I think Peloton will offer more than just HR for the strive score they released at homecoming. That would fall flat amongst its users who many have an Apple or Garmin watch already that broadcasts to the app and bike or tread.

      2. I did, but I’m hoping someone at Garmin did. As a Garmin and peloton user I’m betting on peloton to deliver the screen free whoop competitor but not intentionally to compete like you said but to better educate their users and to have healthy fit users not over trained injured users!!

        Garmin is to set on their watch being worn and their users moving away from analog/mechanical watches!!

        I want to move away from my F6 Pro to a FR but not sure if I get the 945LTE or wait till a x55 comes out.

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