Shimano Connect LAB Launches – online ride analysis tool

Shimano Connect LAB Launches

Shimano has just launched their new CONNECT LAB tool. You can upload your ride data to see some cool stats, although it’s a little slow today on launch day so you might have to wait a while 😉 It does look sweet though and you can use the ID that you might already have for the E-Tube app which is the recently revamped app that you probably use to configure Di2 or a R9100P.

Here are a few quick screenshots and then I’ll make some comments on their contents afterwards.


The visual aesthetic is reminiscent of Golden Cheetah and several of the screens are the stuff you’d expect including a calendar of rides, simple tracks of duration/distance over time and the obligatory ride map.

Things start to get a bit more interesting with the ability to compare power levels of differing altitudes and a nice look at the durations you devote to the various power levels.

Two specific screens spark my interest. The first is the CP curve which gives the ability to combine 4 CP curves together on one chart along with some other potentially interesting-looking data. Then there is a fairly detailed analysis of stroke mechanics and force vectors…handy if you have the right power meter to provide the data for it…I don’t.

I WILL look more at the CP chart and possibly might end up using it but, at present, there seems to be no way to automatically suck data into the LAB from Garmin or Wahoo.

Here is a link to the site where you can create a free account and log in. However, it’s a bit flakey right now so maybe give it a few days to bed down.




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