Garmin Vector Air Soon? – hints that it’s coming

Garmin Vector Air for summer 2021

Eagle-eyed reader @pavlinux has spotted a mention of the Garmin Vector AIR ‘drag meter’ in some Garmin app code which also mentions the Garmin Edge 1040 (as well as the Rally, Vector 3, Edge 1030 Plus and Fenix_Instinct 😉 ). The 2 unreleased products were the only ones in the code that we had not yet heard about. So, sorry, no mentions of the Fenix 7, Forerunner 955 or anything else for that matter…at least not yet!

This could indicate could be coming soon or they could merely be old artefacts from an earlier version of the code.

Q: Is Vector Air Real?

A: Yes, it’s almost certainly a real product and detailed information was leaked towards the end of 2019.

Q: What is Vector Air?

A: It is Garmin’s aero meter or drag meter. In simple terms, it derives drag from the difference between power from your direct force power meter and its calculation of your opposing force power

Q: Why the Vector name?

A: My guess would be that it was originally planned as a partner product to the Vector 3 power meter. Of course, the Vector power meters are now Rally. Whether this means that the product will eventually be called Rally Air, or that ‘Vector’ is a more suitable name for a cDa meter…I don’t know.

Q: So will it be released soon?

A: The Edge 1040 looks reasonably likely to be released this year and It would make sense that Vector Air was released alongside it as both will be complementary super-premium products.

Q: You don’t sound very confident?

A: No, I’m not confident that this will ever see the light of day. Vector Air would be an expensive pro-tier product and there might just not be a big enough market for Garmin to justify the product development.


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