Pirelli P Zero Race SL TLR – a great all rounder – the new GP5000?


Pirelli P Zero Race Review


Pirelli P Zero RACE SL (TLR)

Pirelli’s new P-Zero Race SL is the fastest bike tyre in their road range.

It’s faster than the non-SL version and TLR means it’s TubeLess Ready ie it can be used as a clincher or tubeless, the 28mm IS compatible with hookless rims but the 24mm and 26mm are not.

Verdict: Pirelli P Zero RACE SL (TLR) is a great tyre and only beats GP5000 for daily use IF you can grab a pair for a great price.

Pirelli P Zero Race Review

Pirelli P Zero RACE SL (TLR) – Raw Performance Characteristics

Bicyclerollingresistance shows that the watts lost from the P Zero Race SLR TLR are low, coming in at a highly creditable 11.3w @100psi. That’s not as good as the Continental GP5000 TL though which is 8.9w @100psi – almost a 5w difference over two tyres.

However, the Pirelli is notably lighter and comes in at about 50g per tyre lighter. Many of you will be good enough cyclists to notice that kind of difference over repeated accelerations.


Source: https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com/road-bike-reviews, TT= Tube Type, TL = Tubeless


I’ve experienced no adverse wear and no punctures over several hundred miles of Surrey road usage. However, I just have a nagging feeling that I need to treat these a little more carefully than my GP5000s.

Other than weight, there are two reasons why you would buy the Pirelli over the Conti – price and grip. The Pirellis (£50rrp) are a good £15 cheaper than the GP5000, the latter coming in at a whopping rrp of £65/tyre (TL). However, the GP5000 are usually about £50/tyre (TL), so only if I could buy the Pirelli’s for under £40/tyre would the become especially attractive to me.

When it comes to grip and ride quality I prefer the Pirelli, I’m far from a reckless downhill speed merchant but I do like to go fast and corner reasonably quickly. The Pirelli gives me the confidence to do that.


Pirelli P Zero RACE SL (TLR) – Technical Specs

Don’t be confused by Pirelli’s two similarly named offerings. RACE TLR SL is the faster one and RACE TLR is the slightly more durable one, the latter (not tested) probably being more similar to the GP5000 in that respect. Both models of the RACE tyre have the newer SMARTEVO compound which is great for handling.

Pirelli P Zero Race Specifications


Compare RACE SL to the following stats for RACE

Other Points

These were one of the easiest sets of TL tyres I’ve ever put on a wheel. They were MUCH easier to get on the Giant wheel shown in the images above/below, even easier than the Giant tyre recommended for the wheel!

I used the minimum amount of sealant and that seems great so far.


Buy Pirelli P-Zero RACE SL TLR

Recommended Retail Price: £49.99

Buy from Amazon here.

Take Out

Great tyres for fast, punchy rides if you can get them for less than £40/tyre. The fastest riders will still get Vittoria for race day.

Pirelli P Zero Race Review

Disclaimer: Tyres provided FOC by Pirelli. Decide for yourself if it influenced the content.

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