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Sigma Rox 11.1 Evo Bikenav

Sigma has a good pedigree of delivering highly featured bike computers and has a decent customer base in mainland Europe. I looked in detail at the larger Rox 12 model back in 2019 and it had a great feature set in place then but never seemed to do as well with customers as it deserved to.

Their latest Rox 11.1 Evo is launching later this year and today we have a sneak preview of what will be coming.

What is Sigma Rox 11.1 Evo?

It’s a performance bikenav that leverages maps and other connected features from your smartphone.

Unlike Garmin, the design ethos of Sigma is similar to that of Wahoo Fitness with the Bolt in the sense that some of the bike computer configurations are performed on the smartphone app. This makes for a superior rider experience most of the time as the bike computer’s menus are more streamlined and relevant. However, if you want to change some screen settings, you need to have your smartphone app with you.

With a normal, smaller, format Rox 11.1 targets those of us who want performance features yet there is also a wide-ranging ecosystem for power meter support, Di2 support, E-bike support, crash detection, structured workouts and coloured data fields to name a few.

Features Overview

The features and specs are detailed further below and they are impressive. However, they are not all-encompassing and, for example, a performance cyclist might want Last Lap-NP. I usually look for the presence or absence of that metric and if it’s missing then there’s usually other peripheral stuff missing too.

That said, how many people really want Last Lap NP? Probably not too many (I do) but Sigma compensates for this with other advanced features like colour coded data fields which even Wahoo only recently introduced.

One of my criticisms of the earlier Rox 12 was that indoor trainer support over FE-C was not supported. Well…it is now.

Another criticism of the Rox 12 was that there was no smartphone app…clearly, there is now and the app looks to have great features including incident detection.

The Rox 11.1 seems to have skipped on the Strava Live Segment support that was offered on the 12.0 which is a shame as that was a nice implementation of Strava’s headline subscription feature. Similarly, Garmin Varia Radar support is also not offered.


There are no onboard maps.

It looks like offline breadcrumb routes are supported with some interesting data fields that can be stretched and squeezed to fit on screen just how you want them to be.

For those who will miss the ability to re-route there is also a live link-up to routing capabilities on the app. So, for example, you can be directed by the Rox’s link up to Komoot on your smartphone.

First Thoughts & Take Out

Sigma might be on to something here if they get the pricing right.

The Rox 12 from 2 years ago IS a good device. It had a few techy teething troubles but was nevertheless impressive. I suspect one reason it didn’t do better was its unusual screen shape and aesthetics. Well, the Rox 11.1 Evo is a modern-looking device without being too unusual…it looks OK albeit very slightly quirky!

The feature set looks like it will handle the needs of 99% of cyclists. If the Rox Evo works smoothly and mostly bug-free, then Sigma could be on to a winner.

I’ve not looked at what has happened with Sigma’s data platform over the last year or so. My thoughts before were that it was a bit clunky. Perhaps if there are better integrations to 3rd party platforms along a similar vein to Wahoo then those reservations would diminish.

I’m not sure I’ll review this when it comes out later in the year but let’s see what happens.


Sigma Rox 11.1 Evo – Detailed Specifications

Dimension (W x L x H)46,8 x 66,1 x 20,8 mm
Mount compatibilityGPS Mount Overclamp Butler Short Butler
Weight55 g
Water resistanceIP67
Battery1000 mAh (Li Ion), 3.7 V
Display size1.77″
Resolution (pixel)128 x 160
Color display / Number of colors262 k colors
Display technologyTransmissive
Typical battery life18 Hours
ConnectivityANT+ BLE
Smart notificationsYes
Sensor technologyCadence Electronic shifting Heart rate Power meter Smart Trainer (FE-C)
E-Bike ReadyYes
Map navigationNo
Track navigationYes
Turning guidanceYes
Number of tracks on the deviceUp to 36
Back to starting pointSame track back
Barometric altitude measurementYes
Ambient light sensorYes
Acceleration sensorYes
Preinstalled sport profiles4
Individually adjustable sport profilesUp to 20
Individually adjustable training pagesUp to 6
Individually adjustable number of training values per pageUp to 6
Templates for training viewsYes
Colors to highlight the training valuesYes
Number of workouts on deviceUp to 36
Strava Live SegmentsNo
Crash AlertYes
AlarmsDrinks Food Individual
Auto pauseYes
Lap functionAutomatic (time / distance) Manual
Target zone trainingCadence Heart rate Power Speed
Data analysis
MemoryUp to 100 h training
Basic functions
Average speedYes
Maximum speedYes
Training time (net)Yes
Training time (gross)Yes
Speed graphYes
SIGMA Performance IndexYes
Clock (12/24 hrs)Yes
Altitude measurement
Current altitudeYes
Gradient (in %)Yes
Rise rateYes
Altitude graphYes
Altitude uphillYes
Maximum altitudeYes
Average rise rateYes
Maximum rise rateYes
Average incline uphillYes
Maximum incline uphillYes
Altitude downhillYes
Average rate of descentYes
Maximum rate of descentYes
Average gradientYes
Maximum gradientYes
Number of ascentsYes
Number of descentsYes
Minimum heightYes
Cadence functions
Average cadenceYes
Maximum cadenceYes
Cadence graphYes
Heart rate functions
Current heart rateYes
Average heart rateYes
Maximum heart rateYes
Minimum heart rateYes
Maximum heart rate (in % )Yes
Average % max. heart rateYes
Target zoneYes
Intensity zonesYes
Heart rate graphYes
Power functions
Balance 10 sec – averageYes
Balance 3 Sec – averageYes
Balance 30 Sec – averageYes
Balance averageYes
Pedal smoothnessYes
Current powerYes
Power – %FTPYes
Average powerYes
Power 3 sec – averageYes
Power 10 sec – averageYes
Power 30 sec – averageYes
Power – intensity factorYes
Power – MaxYes
Power in Kilojoule (KJ)Yes
Normalized powerYes
Training Stress ScoreYes
Power in Watt / KGYes
Power zonesYes
Torque Effectiveness (–% / –%)Yes
Power graphYes
E-Bike functions
E-bike batteryYes
Support (watt)Yes
Human Power vs. Motor PowerYes
Support levelYes
Gear indicatorYes
E-bike total distanceYes
E-bike total timeYes
Indoor trainer functions
Trainer resistanceYes
Trainer modeYes
Trainer target powerYes
Automatic lap functions (time or distance based)
Lap Number – AutoLapYes
Lap time – AutoLapYes
Distance – AutoLapYes
Avg speed – AutoLapYes
Maximum speed – AutoLapYes
Calories – AutoLapYes
Average altitude – AutoLapYes
Maximum altitude – AutoLapYes
Altitude uphill – AutoLapYes
Altitude downhill – AutoLapYes
Average incline uphill – AutoLapYes
Average slope downhill – AutoLapYes
Average rate of ascent – AutoLapYes
Average rate of descent – AutoLapYes
Average balance – AutoLapYes
Average power – AutoLapYes
Maximum power – AutoLapYes
Normalized power – AutoLapYes
Average cadence – AutoLapYes
Maximum cadence – AutoLapYes
Average heart rate – AutoLapYes
Maximum heart rate – AutoLapYes
Pedalling time – AutoLapYes
Pedalling index – AutoLapYes
Auto lap listeYes
Manual lap functions
Lap Number – LapYes
Lap time – LapYes
Distance – LapYes
Avg speed – LapYes
Maximum speed – LapYes
Calories – LapYes
Average altitude – LapYes
Maximum altitude – LapYes
Altitude uphill – LapYes
Altitude downhill – LapYes
Average incline uphill – LapYes
Average slope downhill – LapYes
Average rate of ascent – LapYes
Average rate of descent – LapYes
Average balance – LapYes
Average power – LapYes
Maximum power – LapYes
Normalized power – LapYes
Average cadence – LapYes
Maximum cadence – LapYes
Average heart rate – LapYes
Maximum heart rate – LapYes
Pedalling time – LapYes
Pedalling index – LapYes
Lap list – LapYes
Navigation functions
Time to destinationYes
Estimated time of ArrivalYes
Distance to destinationYes
Track NavigationYes
Turning guidanceYes
Distance to the next waypointYes
Electronic shifting
Battery statusYes
Front gear (chain ring)Yes
Gear ratioYes
Rear gearYes
Di2 Shifting modeYes
Status functions
Current temperatureYes
Minimum temperatureYes
Maximum temperatureYes
GPS AccuracyYes
Device battery statusYes
Air pressureYes
Weather trendYes

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  1. Seeing you say ‘if the price is right’: I found this on a German seller website. € 163!!!!
    I would have liked a bigger display. Wonder if phone can act as 2nd screen. Also regret there’s no remote control. (looks like I’m a rare bird to use this, incomprehensible)
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