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Give Away: Closing Midnight Sunday (BST) – HRV4Biofeedback

I’m looking at HRV4Biofeedback right now and have a spare iOS code to give away.

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What is HRV4 Biofeedback?

Details here: HRV4Biofeedback

My Usage

I’m using it for the next few weeks to see if some mindfulness minutes of breathing each day at my resonant breathing frequency can improve my HRV

What I’ve done so far: completed the test which has already determined my resonant breathing frequency which is the resting breaths per minute that maximises my HRV. Normally it’s about 6 per minute and mine came out as 5.5.

Resonant breathing should act as a positive stressor on HRV ie low HRV can be improved, at least acutely, with deep breathing (and any dose might do it). Learn more from the sciencey stuff, here


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