Garmin + Dexcom CGM – FDA Approval for Garmin, Apple & Others


Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring on Garmin, Apple & More

The US FDA last week gave approval to Dexcom’s Web API which now officially enables the live linking of their CGM data on Garmin, Apple Watch & several more devices.

Garmin Access to Dexcom via CIQ Apps

Garmin welcomes the opportunity to bring Dexcom CGM data to runners, cyclists and everyday users who rely on the technology 24/7 to proactively manage their diabetesWe are proud to be part of this integration that will allow users a secondary way to quickly and discreetly view estimated glucose levels and trends right from their smartwatch at any time.” Joe Schrick, VP Fitness, Garmin.

There are already a variety of 3rd party Garmin CIQ Apps that let you view the basic Dexcom data as data fields.

Clicks to apps


The benefits to people with diabetes and healthcare providers include

  • Allow users to quickly see all their therapy data in one place
  • Empower users to utilize the apps they find most beneficial for a more tailored Dexcom experience
  • Enable in-the-moment diabetes management coaching and feedback


Dexcom on Apple Watch 6

Dexcom has a nice, clear iPhone app that presents the data well and offers summaries via widgets, handily data can be shared with up to 10 other people. Also good is the Watch app that’s both aesthetically pleasing and show trends and alerts in an easy-to-understand way.

You can see on the second row of the following image that Dexcom has also produced a range of small complications, these are single pieces of Dexcom CGM information that you can add to your favourite watch face without the need to open up their app.



Source: BusinessWire

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  1. Thanks, but you left out the biggest piece of info. The new apps for Garmin will be able to directly connect to the CGM. So, no need for cell phone & internet connection and therefore no extra time lag.

    1. Not sure this is true. Can you point me to the source fo that info? If it is true, I am really excited.

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