Top 5 Sports & Tech Sites To Waste Time On

The Best Time Wasters

From time to time, in abject desperation, I scroll through tweets and risk that scary world of Facebook.

Reddit lights my fancy too but is out and out dangerous despite containing some great sub-Reddits to wind people up on as well as to learn a thing or two.

But what are the best places to well and truly waste a good rainy morning when your boss/partner (same thing) is not around to look over your shoulder?

The sites on my list below clearly aren’t ‘the best’ as there are too many sites that I’ve never even seen but I like these and they are all good in a different way and I bet there are a few you’ve never even heard of that you will like. Please feel free to suggest some more below, please say if you have any affiliation to those sites.

The Inner Ring (Road Cycling)

The Inner Ring is a road cycling site that specialises in expert race opinions. A great place to visit for a great recap of yesterday’s key stage.


Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlees is the lesser-known cousin of British pro triathletes the British Brownless brothers. He reviews dope mainstream tech and I pretty much agree with what he says most of the time. However, his voice & presentation is so silky smooth he just makes you listen to the end of whatever video you just happen to have landed on. (He’s not their cousin really)

Channel: Youtube

Wearables for Human Performance Tuning & Analysis

This snappily-named Facebook group is THE place to go to learn in detail about HRV. I know one of the guys that run the site and he knows his stuff. Well, they all know their stuff. You will find many of the major tech company’s employees who deal with HRV research and implementation hanging out here.

Page: Facebook


Everyone loves Ray‘s in-depth look at sports endurance tech and drones.



The Global Cycling Network is a highly commercial site that makes a ton of money out of all things cycling-related. However, they deserve it as their content is frequently entertaining and mostly insightful.

Channel: Youtube

Fast Fitness Tips

Fast Fitness Tips is probably the site I would have liked to have created and reflects my interest in sports physiology which originally seeded this site. It covers tech and gear as well.



Probably the world’s best site. At least in my mind, it is. I like to think it is a good complement to Ray’s site and I tend to post short, frequent endurance tech/physiology stories as well as regular, super-detailed ones. There should always be something original to read here that’s a little unusual and hopefully interesting as well.


Garmin Forums

Garmin has got better at not censoring the content on their forums but it is their space so I guess they should be allowed to do what they want. The Garmin forums are the place that most people can get a decent answer to their first world tech problem although, like most forums, there’s a lot of nonsense there too. If you go there, there WILL be someone more expert than you on that particular Garmin-Tech issue that’s causing you grief.



r/Garmin (Reddit) is the Wild West of Garmin forums. If you want to know about product leaks then it’s a good place to start, at least until a Garmin lawyer sends a takedown letter. There are some knowledgeable people there too for more general pre-sales and support questions. A word of warning though, Reddit is a place for hardy soles with a certainty of purpose…another way of saying it’s not for the faint-hearted.



My friends chastise me for turning to the Dark Side whenever I wear my Apple Watch 6, which is often. Sadly I acknowledge my failings and lack of fortitude on that front, however, Apple is one of the futures of sports tech and a great place to find out about all-things-Apple is 9to5Mac. Warning: it is full of any possible story that involves anything to do with apples, so there is a lot of inane drivel interspersed with insightful content.



It’s like 9to5Mac but, well, you’re an intelligent lot and can guess the difference.



Samsung, Google and Apple are companies you need to be interested in if you are following the future of the SMART side of wearable tech. This is a good, high volume site like the previous two. My ultimate prediction is that one day, antitrust permitting, Samsung and Google will merge to take on Apple, setting up the end game for Wearable tech…well, all tech.


Useless Web

This is one of the few sites that does what it says on the tin. Go on. You know you want to click 😉




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