Garmin Bitcoin Widgets

Garmin Bitcoin Widgets

I recently re-entered the gambling casino that is Crypto via the Etoro platform. I was hoping that Etoro had some form of portfolio widget or Apple Watch complication but it didn’t. That’s a bit rubbish for a company with its financial means. Anyway, their platform seemed the best choice for me as there are no dealing fees and they only make money on the spreads.

Once you have made your gamble…I mean ‘investment’…it’s nice to check how much you are losing on your watch or smartphone. I managed to lose 1% in the first two hours which was insightful.

Garmin Bitcoin Widget Choices

There are at least 8 Garmin Connect IQ widgets that can show live prices of Bitcoin and other financial instruments. The most downloaded widget is fairly popular with almost 10,000 downloads and is by I chose that one as it is the most feature-rich, for example, the watch’s START button allows you to scroll through different prices of items in your portfolio and a decent graph is shown underneath a clearly visible current price.


Contrast that to what’s available in the Apple ecosystem


I’m quite happy with the inbuilt stocks feature in iOS and that does have a nice complication & app for watchOS as shown above on my scratched Watch SE.

[Tip: never buy the cheap Apple Watches…they do NOT have the harder Gorilla-type glass that’s found on all the more expensive variants. So I’m going for one of the stainless steel ones next month for the Apple Watch 7 launch which WILL lose the rounded edges and exposed screen when its form factor changes to mirror that found on iPhone 12/3 (below). This new design should protect the screen more from scratches.]



Take Out & Opinion

Garmin devices can show live asset prices on widgets via your connected smartphone. The presentation is usually basic but functional. The Apple Watch has a superior interface & experience when it comes to accessing this kind of data but if you are simply looking for a numeric update both Garmin and Apple serve their purpose nicely.


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