GB Diver Tom Daley posts 5k PB time

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GB Olympian Posts Record 5K PB

Almost everyone in the UK’s favourite Olympic Gold Medal diver, Tom Daley, has let slip that he recently posted a 5K PB.

Daley’s time was a highly respectable 19:51 (Summer 2021) and is his only Sub-20 time.

If you look at photos of Tom diving you will see that he has a highly chiselled physique and yet his time is ‘only’ just under 20 minutes. Sure it’s a different kind of fitness but I think this shows that it is extremely difficult for anyone to run a Sub20 5K who has not done some run training.

For a 27-year-old male, like Tom, then a Sub20 5K is not as impressive as it sounds and is easily possible with a bit of committed training. However, if you look at the posts linked further below you can check out how difficult it is for you to run run a Sub 20 5K. Hint: For a 45-49-year-old woman a Sub20 5K would represent an 82% age-graded achievement and unless you are a club runner you almost certainly won’t know anyone who can achieve an 82% Sub20 time, that would be seriously impressive. FWIW: Tom’s achievement is about 66%.


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