Wahoo vs Hammerhead: Bike Screen & Data Field Layout: Chris Froome vs Me

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An Advanced Cyclist’s Bike Screen Layout from Mr Froome

This is a relatively short article showing how Chris Froome arranges the data fields on his bike computer. For comparison, I’ve shared mine.

Chris is an investor in Hammerhead and uses the Karoo 2. I am using the new Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt right now as my main bike computer. These two bike computers are excellent and rank as direct competitors to Garmin Edge 530/830/1030.

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The setups all use power data fields. If instead, you are looking for newbie-type tips then try this post about setting up your Garmin watch/bike computer for first-timers.

Chris Froome – Screen 1



He uses these fields

  • Instant power – 3s average
  • Instant Heart Rate
  • Instant Cadence
  • Speed
  • Lap Distance
  • Cumulative Ascent
  • Cumulative Calories Spent
  • Current Lap Average Power
  • Current Lap Average Power Balance
  • Distance to next turn on the route

Comments: I’m a little surprised at the inclusion of cadence and power balance as I would have thought neither were issues for a rider of his standard.

Chris Froome – Screen 2


He uses these fields

  • Current lap distance
  • Instant power – 3s average
  • Upcoming Elevation Profile (he’s following a route and the upcoming hills are shown, it’s not a good capture of the screen)
  • Map View of Route

Comments: Again you see the importance of the instant/3s power field. In my opinion, all the other power metrics mostly pale into insignificance against this one. You can have as fancy a power meter as you want with left/right balances and standing power but in the end, it’s just this metric you may well use the most. Interestingly in the video, he points out that he uses the map view when descending to get a feeling for the severity of upcoming bends. I do a similar thing to that on regular rides where I’m not 100% familiar with bends and junctions and use the map MUCH more for that purpose than following routes.

Chris Froome – Screen 3


  • 3s Power – again this is used
  • The remaining distance to the top of the climb
  • Upcoming Elevation (as before)
  • 100m colour coded upcoming hill profile

The pretty, upcoming climb details the graded severity of each 100m section of the next hill. It’s similar to Garmin’s ClimbPro.

I’m not 100% convinced that Chris actually uses this 3rd screen as it’s a new feature from Hammerhead and he is an investor and produced his video at least in part for commercial reasons. That said, many people in the past have used Garmin’s ClimbPro and he does a lot of hill training so it’s certainly plausible he really does use this screen.


My Main Screen

This is the LAP screen on the Wahoo Bolt. I tend to use the lap screen as my main screen for some unknown reason. Wahoo’s new feature on the Rival is a Ping Screen and I can’t wait for that to find its way to their bike computers.

  • Watts – this is the same 3second average watts as Mr Froome
  • Last – Last lap time – I’ve been doing a couple of sessions a week simply doing laps of Richmond Park, so these metrics are here for that reason. On rides elsewhereI’m not bothered about laps at all
  • Lap – Current lap time
  • RPM – Instant cadence
  • BPM – instant HR
  • NP Lap – Current Lap Normalized power. I probably could use lap average power but normalized power is higher and I feel better about it 😉
  • NP Last Lap – Last Lap Normalized power. Again I probably should be looking at normalized and non-normalized laps when doing long multiple laps as my intention is often to minimize the variability of my output.

My Map Screen



  • 3 Second instant power
  • Distance to next route cue (turn)
  • Map with route showing where I’ve been, where I have to go and also indicating any elements that involve re-routing. It’s a simple map that works well. Normally I have it zoomed in MUCH more than this and usually use it for the same purpose as Mr Froome ie to know what hazards are coming up rather than following a route.
  • Forward Elevation profile – not the best example is shown. It shows the elevation profile of the future planned route which the Bolt knows from its internal map even if you load the route from an external source.


I guess there are no right or wrong answers regarding the length of averages you use ranging from 3 seconds to a lap or an average of the whole ride. But the basic metrics will always probably be based on power, heart rate and, less so, speed.

Perhaps muscle oxygen, blood glucose, hydration, lactate and core temperature will one day have their place to play on our rides as well.



Please feel free to share your screen below…

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6 thoughts on “Wahoo vs Hammerhead: Bike Screen & Data Field Layout: Chris Froome vs Me

    1. virtually none. the only one that springs to mind was the difficulty with pairing some sensors at the time of launch. that seems fine now (I used it today)
      I am aware of other issues raised elsewhere by others.

  1. When will Wahoo finally come up with an equivalent to Climb (but…one that’s working please :p )
    Or at least, some more clues/readable info on upcoming profile when following a route.

    Anyway, thanks for this post, I find this interesting…and can see that we have the same priorities on what to display on screen (I use the left side LED on the Roam to rapidly assess my HR, as on the bike it is not something i really need to know precisely)

    1. hey Jeremy
      i don’t know, is the answer.
      i knew in advance when hammerhead were working on this kind of functionality but i dont routinely have those insights for wahoo and when i do they are embargoed.

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