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Fossil Announces Next Generation Smartwatches

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Fossil is one of the engines behind Wear OS. They repackage many hardware components to make their own branded watches and also for other lifestyle brands.

You might have thought that Fossil had been sampling the crazy cakes when they released their 6th generation of watches, after all this generation works on Wear OS 2 whereas the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Watch4 uses Wear OS 3 and Fossil won’t be allowed to upgrade until next year (H2.2022)

Well, it’s not QUITE so crazy. The Galaxy Watch4 has significant compatibility issues. In a nutshell, if you buy pretty much any smartphone other than a Samsung Galaxy made within the last two years you will either not be able to run the watch (iOS) or have reduced features (blood pressure, snoring detection) or simply have some of the features not working properly (Samsung Health). How do I know?…because I’ve wasted about 6 hours so far trying all those options!

Whilst the new generation of Fossil doesn’t have the latest software it DOES have super-speedy and wholly new hardware under the hood. Their watches were already fast enough…now they’re quite a bit faster.

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