Strava Running Power – All The Details – All major watch brands now support it (after a fashion)

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Strava Running Power – What’s New?

Over the last couple of days, runners who use Stryd should have noticed the re-emergence of Garmin Running Power/Stryd stats on their Strava mobile apps (perhaps other vendors too).

The more exciting implication of this is that Garmin native running power support could be next on the list of announcements – although it’s taken a year to get to this point.

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Exactly What Power Data Is Now Supported By Strava?

A: Most power data should be supported.

Running power data stored in FIT files and TCX files from Garmin, Polar, Coros, Apple, Suunto and the Stryd app are now all supported. I’m assuming that running power created on the wrist by Polar Vantage & Coros remains supported as should be the power from the Coros pod. Note that Strava EXcludes support for their own estimated power which for cycling was pretty inaccurate in any case so there is no huge loss there.

Your Garmin running power data isn’t displayed retrospectively and only comes from new uploads from 10th September 2021. You CAN re-load an old workout and power data shows (I did this for a run on 9 September and it worked)

In summary, you get this:

  • Almost all sources of running power
  • New ~POWERMAP shading on maps
  • Power chart of your run
  • Average watts & Max watts for the run
  • Weighted average power for the run (NP)
  • Training Load
  • Intensity
  • Total work


New #POWERMAP Feature

This feature should be available to any Strava user for workouts uploaded 10 September 2021 or later

The first thing to manually change is how the map displays the route.

A while back, Strava added the StatMap feature which gave the ability to change the map type based on a manually added hashtag in the activity description. Your route is then shaded according to the difficulty of your effort at the time and previously you could simply use a hashtag for HR, pace, gradient and some other measures. Now running power is an option too.

Edit your workout description and add the hashtag #POWERMAP. The route will be shaded with various hues of purple which change according to your running power intensity at the time. As there are no running power zones (yet) in Strava the variation in shade looks to be derived as a percentage of the maximum intensity of each individual workout.



Power Stats & Power Charts


Perhaps more useful is the new section for power in the analysis tab that shows a chart as well as the training load and intensity. Sadly, the lap splits don’t show power right now.



This should work on your treadmill workouts and on Zwift maps too.


Any watch that previously recorded ‘power’ in the standard (cycling) power field may have shown power.


Take out

This partly fills a glaring hole in Strava’s app that had mildly annoyed many Garmin owners, including myself, for quite some time. Adding power zones via rFTP is hopefully on the cards too.

However, I’m unconvinced the addition of running power will drive any more involvement with Strava as the analysis is very limited. Any runner looking at power data in more detail will probably already be using Stryd Powercenter, Golden Cheetah, Final Surge, TrainingPeaks or one of the many other sites that offer more and varied analysis features. What it will drive, though, is awareness for Stryd and for Running Power in general as we start to see these maps and data appearing in our feeds from those athletes we follow who are already running with power.

I first heard about running power being added for Garmin about a year ago and am surprised it wasn’t here sooner. My interest was piqued at the time as it was being lined up for a launch to support the arrival of native Garmin Running Power. That clearly hasn’t happened yet either and I’m assuming that Covid got in the way of both. However, I now hope that native Garmin Running Power (probably created by the watch as well as the existing CIQ data) will arrive within a month on a new Fenix or Forerunner…let’s see.



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16 thoughts on “Strava Running Power – All The Details – All major watch brands now support it (after a fashion)

  1. My Garmin Enduro software updated to 19.20 this week and I never have hr (wrist or chest) enabled. Since this update Garmin is now showing ‘training effect’ and ‘intensity minutes’ in the activities in Garmin Connect. They have no hr data so I’m thinking this is a step closer to their native running power?

  2. There’s no way to set separate running and cycling FTP/CP values as far as I can tell. That’s seems like a rather glaring omission.

    1. Yes, and that is a huge downside. And that’s why Strava removed power support for running several years ago.

      My rFTP is much higher then Cycling FTP. Without proper rFTP, all my stats like Fitness and Freshness or Training Load or Intensity are all wrong.


  3. I’m not a subscriber and I can see power in the app. I use the Stryd pod.
    I would like to see Garmin update their own running power app as I tried to use it with a Garmin 645 and HRM-Run chest strap but found it unusable as it changed too quickly in real time and was too responsive and no way to change to a 3/10 sec average which would be much more usable.

  4. Weird. I’ve been running with Stryd and a watch with native running power support. Just double-checked and the running power has allways been there in the Strava app. Not so much in the web site though.
    Maybe this feature is new to Garmin users? If so, I would bet it’s because they are finally about to add native running power. Cool!

    1. I can confirm this. My watch is a Coros Vertix and power has been in the app all along, same as when I was still using a Suunto.

      1. Using Garmin and Stryd, just checked Strava. 7th of September I had no power data in Strava. Then somewhere before the weekend I remember seeing an update notification. Activity in 10th of September and forward I now have power data. Meanwhile something also happened to Intensity Minutes in Garmin Connect, don’t remember having that many minutes, in fact before didn’t really understand how it was being calculated, had trouble reaching 250m. Now everything gives me intensity minutes, even a 5 minute yoga activity. Something changed yes…

  5. This is nothing new.. I’ve been getting power data from my Vantage V in strava since forever.. also the power map statmap has been there since strava released statmaps.. so why not check/clarify facts before posting?

    1. It’s new for Garmin watches like stated in the article. Stryd email today confirms the same thing, other vendors had it already.

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