£300 !! Nike Zoom Alphafly Next Nature – Ready to buy – Fast ECO Choice

Nike Zoom Alphafly Next Nature – A Whopping £300 – You’d Better Stay off the naughty Step as from Today.

For those of you expecting a £294 running treat from Santa, you had better be on your best behaviour starting from today. No one on either the Naughty list or the naughty step is going to get a pair of these. If your partner gets you a pair then they either really love you or have done something very, very bad that they are sorry about.

I use the Vaporfly 2 and they are noticeably faster than any other road shoe I’ve ever used. It seems to me that the Prebax foam is what delivers the benefit but it could be the carbon inserts as well. The Alphafly will be much the same, maybe better, I haven’t tried them yet.

The Nature model of Alphafly is the most expensive mainstream pair of shoes I remember at rpp, I even prefer the looks to my Vaporfly 2 and kinda like the colours as well, it’s just the price tag I baulk at. There is no particular reason why these are more expensive than the regular Alphafly model. The premium is simply to make you feel good about buying a pair of shoes that are made of recycled materials before being shipped halfway around the world.

These WILL sell out quickly in the popular sizes and UK10.5 is already OOS.

  • Colour Shown: Flat Pewter/Light Arctic Pink/Light Cream/Black
  • Style: DB0129-001

So for now you can get the super speedy Nikes directly from Nike.com and/or check out my review below which is a decent read.


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2 thoughts on “£300 !! Nike Zoom Alphafly Next Nature – Ready to buy – Fast ECO Choice

  1. Unpopular opinion: yeah, I get that they’re fast. I get that all the elite runners are using them. But those things are ugly as sin and I’m glad that, as a happy recreational runner whose comfort zone is firmly down at the minimalist end of the shoe spectrum, I’m not even remotely tempted to try them! 😆

    (I actually rather like that particular colour scheme. But the shoe as such — nope. Still ugly.)

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