Relance RL-01 Review – EU manufactured, eco-friendly running shoe

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Relance Running Shoe Review

👟Relance Running review, le running made in France avec la RL 01

Relance Running Shoes RL-01 Review

Relance’s first running shoe, the RL-01, is an unusual approach to the sportswear market. Sure they want to make a supportive and responsive shoe but their unique proposition is that of an eco-friendly, locally-manufactured shoe. Yep, they are made in France/Eu rather than shipped across from factories in the Far East.

Relance has already surpassed their Kickstarter goal, so it seems like runners like their novel idea.



Relance RL-01 Review


These shoes feel sturdy and are well-made. They are decent, all-around running shoes that offer cushioning from both the sole and insole. I particularly liked the springy feel from the extra forefoot cushioning. Indeed, Relance translates to Relaunch.

Eco: The company’s eco-credentials are based on the reduced waste from the industrial knitting process used to produce the upper. There are also other eco-savings by siting the production in the EU rather than shipping shoes en masse from Asia by sea. To me, the biggest draw was the certainty that French-made shoes will not use the exploitative labour practices that apparel companies seem to regularly get caught supporting.

At 355g/shoe, these are not super-light shoes as an average running shoe weighs just under 300g. However, these are perfectly fine for your normal weekly training.

An 8mm heel-to-toe drop is on the lower side of normal and might favour faster runners but such a drop will discourage those of you wanting to be kinder to your calves.

The tread pattern seems to wear well and offered grip in all weathers.

Overall I enjoyed the Relance experience but the colour was too bright for me.


  • Sensible cushioning vs. performance trade-off
  • Eco credentials
  • Ethical credentials are good


  • The bold colour feels very French. Red, White & Blue are many nations’ colours
  • Eco production methods result in a heavier shoe.
  • >=8mm drop

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Relance RL-01 Cost, Availability & Discounts

Available in 4 colourways, the RL-01 is  discounted when you buy multiple pairs

  • 1 Pair – €120
  • 2 Pairs – €195

Delivery is estimated as of December 2021.

Buy on Kickstarter (Crowdfunded project carry a risk)

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