Wahoo Add Pan+Zoon Map Feature // SYSTM Announced

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wahoo elemnt|new Wahoo ELEMNT Pan & Zoom For Maps, Routes Screen Shortcut


Wahoo has just added a mapping update for the new Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt.

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What’s New?

There is a new feature that adds new ways to pan and zoom around the map.

The side buttons can already be used to zoom in and out. However, the new feature provides an additional way to zoom as well as a shortcut to Routes.

How it Works?

First up you will need the latest firmware WR18-13539 – 24 September 2021. After you’ve installed that, head on over to the map screen where you will see new text at the bottom of the screen which will show ‘…’ above the left button. Press that button and you are prompted, as shown above, to ‘Choose a route’ or ‘Pan + Zoom’.


wahoo elemnt|



Pan Mode

You are brought into the PAN mode by default. So here you can use the bottom buttons to pan left/right and the side buttons to pan up/down. Di2 buttons, if you have them, will also pan left and right with their default settings. The default settings also allow you to make a menu selection if you press and hold the buttons

That’s pretty much it.

Zoom Mode

When you first enter Pan Mode you can, instead, press the power button (left-hand side) and this switches to Zoom mode where the right-side buttons work as before to zoom in and out on the map.

Choose A Route Shortcut

Alternatively, when you first press  ‘…’ from the map page, you can get quick access to the route selection menu. Perhaps you might want to use this to change routes mid-ride?


This is a feature that will probably have limited appeal and use although, I confess, I might use it from time to time.

What I am surprised about is the lack of thought that seems to have been given to Shimano’s Di2 buttons on the tops of higher specced shifters. That’s very un-Wahoo-like.


Must Read: As much as I’d like you to stay on my site DCR has a nice piece on Wahoo SYSTM (upgraded and modified Sufferfest platform), that should have some interesting extra features in a year or two to include analytics and i reckon also Wahoo device maintenance.

Must Read: Detailed Review of the new Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt


Free Trial of Wahoo SYSTM?

Or just click the image below to sign up for a free trial of SYSTM.





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4 thoughts on “Wahoo Add Pan+Zoon Map Feature // SYSTM Announced

  1. Any idea if they’ll add this to the Wahoo Roam? You say it has limited use, but as a mountain biker who is often following a mapped route, at least once a ride I miss a turn and would like to be able to pan down to see where to go. Yes, the Roam reroutes automatically, but when off-road, you usually don’t want to risk the result of the reroute.

    1. no idea, sorry.
      the firmware is the same number for both IIRC. so i guess that means NO.

      yep don’t get me wrong, it will certainly be of some use to some people. i just think limited. it’s actually a bit clunky to use so you’re going to have to stop to do the panning especially if on bumpier terrain.

  2. The5krunner do you hear about the new ROAM V2? I like ROAM v1 but it has a serious flaw. Freezes above 200km or 12 hours. The manufacturer recommends saving the data after this time. It is frustrating that he did not report such a flaw on his wahoo page when buying.

    1. I did hear one rumour but AFAIK there is no ROAM planned right now. Based on zero other intel I would guess Spring-Summer 2022
      I wasn’t aware of the issue you describe, thank you for the heads up. I’m surprised there isn’t a software fix for that.

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