Garmin 945LTE Feature Catchups – Plus, Where Are All The New Garmins?

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new Garmin Forerunner 945LTE Features

Where are all the new Garmins? We should see some new Garmin hardware soon enough. Let’s hope Garmin are waiting until they actually have a product that works that they can ship…unlike the Apple debacle with the Apple Watch Series 7 a few weeks ago….or, more correctly, the lack of it.


New beta Firmware

Garmin publicised some new features for the 945LTE in August but then quickly back-pedalled. Today’s firmware adds back some of those and fixes outstanding bugs, of which there are many.

It’s relatively unusual that a top-end watch like the 945LTE has to wait so long for bug fixes. Anyway, here they are (hopefully).


The 945LTE and Venu 2 share the new Gen 4 ELEVATE HR sensor and it looks like the new features the Venu 2 received in April this year have finally found their way to the 945LTE

The health Snapshot on the Venu 2 has a 2-minute heart rate reading which takes a snapshot of PulseOx, Stress/HRV, Heart Rate & Breath. You can then share this.

Also from the Venu 2 is the new Body Battery algorithm which better accounts for lower recovery in a bad night of sleep.

I’ve not checked out the Strength 2.0 features which are, again, hopefully like those added to the Venu 2 (pre-loaded strength workouts with muscle heat map imagery)


Change History

Changes made from version 3.07 to 4.07 (beta)

  • Added Body Battery 2.0 (Note: this algorithm is still not correct so don’t rely on it…just sayin’)
  • Added Strength 2.0 improvements to Strength activity
  • Added Health Snapshot activity
  • Added HRV support from chest strap for Yoga, Breathwork, and Health Snapshot activities
  • Added HIIT activity
  • Added Backcountry Ski activity
  • Improved incident detection setting controls
  • Added golf hole transition improvements and ability to disable activity recording during golf
  • Added improved LiveTrack status to the clock data screen
  • Enabled Explore app sync functionality
  • Various LTE connectivity improvements
  • Improved automatic altitude calibration
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

More info & Download:


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Stephen Gunn

That would be a first. Garmin NEVER wait to have a working product before shipping do they?

Stephen Gunn

It’s true though, certainly for every Garmin device I’ve owned (and I’ve had quite a few dating back to the FR201). Garmin have no concept of QA.


Fenix 6 series is still very much a bug riddled work in progress, two years since release. Not much point releasing a Fenix 7 until they’ve finished work on the current models. (6X Pro Solar owner)



possible on 13th of october, Garmin Developer Conference?


I know everybody here is waiting for the fenix 7 but it’s not really true that we haven’t seen any new garmins this year. i count 4 – enduro, venu 2, fr 55 and fr 945. roughly on par with previous years?

Nick K

I think Venu 2 is the only thing that could be considered somewhat new this year.

– FR945LTE is effectively FR945, with just an updated OHR package and limited LTE connectivity; Polar’s V2 that was kicked around for being a minor upgrade had more changes both hardware- and software wise.

– FR55 is FR45, with a bunch of 245 features pulled down, all to defend $200 range against Pace 2

– Enduro is basically a non-Pro Fenix 6X Titanium Solar, with a very cool strap, and a big ass battery (or maybe slower CPU or both)


945LTE has a better processor and a better size than 945.
If Garmin had called it 955 no one would say a word and a lot of people buy it very happy. They named it as 945LTE, a major marketing failure, IMO.


I agree with Nick; everything else is the sort of step that you saw with the HR variants of the Fenix 3, or the Plus versions of the Fenix 5 – incremental, but not enough to call it a whole new model.
One reason I agree is that the Venu 2 is the only unit that’s come out that actually supports the new ConnectIQ version 4.0 & features announced in last year’s developer conference. I find it hard to believe that was the planned roadmap, to have only one device supporting it when you’re halfway to the next major version, if they stick with their typical schedule of one major version every two years.

Nick K

By the way, any of that beta goodness coming to Fenix 6?

There’s a lot of hand wringing around the latest 19.20 production release and a small 19.21 beta with a single lonely bug fix, all stuck up there for almost two weeks now.

I’d guess if we aren’t seeing any fresh beta drops on the Fenix side in the next few weeks, it might be an indication things will be coming as part of the Fenix 7 announcement. The opposite could also be true: a new beta for F6 with FR945 features means no F7 this year.


Any thoughts on the devices that lose FCC confidentiality tomorrow?


Even if they have the pandemic risks to their supply chain minimized it is probably okay to slow down the rate of incremental product introductions for a bit. People enthusiastically waiting for the F7 are probably not going to jump to another brand.

I think pattern of launching a product with a new version number every 12-18 months is gradually becoming less critical. After a buyer has replaced a perfectly acceptable product with the latest version a few times they start to wonder if they should just blindly skip the next revision. The wait for something even better isn’t that hard to endure.


Maybe a hint of new features coming to Garmin users(native power…).. is the email from Stryd adding some mayor features for everyone not only for subscribers ( as I commented here some days ago, when Garmin made a movement, Stryd and Form would be forced to change their actual business model).


It is interesting that Stryd back-pedalled on their training plans being for subscribers only. It would seem that if Garmin releases a watch with power so would they release coaching plans as well for power. I am a 945LTE and am hoping that I don’t regret my purchase and that if Garmin releases a 655 or some kind of new running watch that the 945LTE could be upgraded to it. tfk, why do you think Garmin referenced the Body Battery and Strength as 2.0? The Venu 2 never referred to either as 2.0. I was thinking that might be a hint at some new tech. From what I have seen on the FCC applications, the 3 devices expiring tomorrow IPH-04157 and IPH-04158 and IPH-04159 on 10/13 are all GPS automotive units. All the other devices with applications are showing the standard 180 days till the short term confidentiality expires. Interestingly, they all had testing done in 2020 which would potentially indicate that they were meant to be released in 2020 or earlier but due to COVID have been delayed. Finally, tfk do you have any inside scoop on a whoop like band or vivosmart 5 coming? Any updates on the… Read more »


Let’s hope the 945LTE gets top level features for a year, but honestly I’m worried it’ll get left behind quickly.

This beta took months (2, I think) and honestly still has some issues and notable items described in the manual that aren’t there (i.e. some of the power manager settings and a few widgets, battery life in smartwatch mode nowhere near specs – I get roughly half)


There are no competition in the market – nothing new from Suunto, Polar is Planning to release GritX Pro, as a name suggests it will be only upgrade to current GritX and no software upgrades for VV2. Coros is the only one promising competitor to Garmin, but it still have to grow a little bit. So relax, there will be no new F7 and 955 this year 🙂 Also HRV and OHR technologies reached its limits and others like glucose/lactate monitoring are not mature enough to be introduced into smartwatches.


about 2.0 versions, i don’t know exactly what Garmin means, but the new Fitness Age on Forerunner 945 is also called Fitness Age 2.0


Excellent thread. I’m ramping my training back up after a few years of heavy parenting, and am ready to go back to Garmin/Suunto/Polar as I’d relied on them since the Garmin 305. I’ve been on an AW5 since release, want a Fenix 7, and am frustrated that there’ll likely still be a while to wait for what will undoubtedly be a 6 Pro with LTE and maybe OLED. I could get a 6 Pro Solar now, but would be irritated when the 7 appears. Standard.


It is – but the LTE is the standout for me…I’d really like the InReach connectivity at times when my GPSMap 66i would be overkill. Love the blue/white Pro Solar, and if my patience breaks that’ll be the one 🙂


Excellent thread! Any idea if the fr255 will come out this yr?


Connect CIQ5 seems coming to Fenix 6 series and actual forerunners too (Posted in Garmin forums). It could indicate that fenix 7 wouldn’t come out before 2022.

tfk, the5krunner



Any idea if the Fenix 7 features will make it to the 945LTE

tfk, the5krunner

almost certainly