When is WHOOP 4.0 Shipping? – Join Whoop for $0/£0

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You Can Join Whoop for $0/£0 ! & Get a Free WHOOP 4.0

Get a free Whoop 4.0 band and a free first-month subscription when you sign up for a minimum of 6 months. Link: whoop.com (discount automatically applied)

Existing Whoop members get a free upgrade to Whoop 4.0.

If you are a Founder Member you will get a free subscription to (approx) September 2023 after which you will need a paying subscription.

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When is Whoop 4.0 Shipping?

Edit: Now (USA & EU), albeit in limited numbers.

The official first day of shipping for Whoop 4.0 was Monday 27th September (hmmm!). However, as far as I can tell, all orders are subject to a delay and orders seem scheduled to start shipping week commencing Monday 1st November 2021. You can check Whoop.com for your latest order status if you have already reserved your free upgrade.

Orders will most likely be shipped according to the order when they were received (I’ve had no information to indicate that Affiliates like me get preferential treatment). One exception might be for new customers who might ump the queue as existing members generally have a working 3.0 band already.


when is whoop shipping?

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5 thoughts on “When is WHOOP 4.0 Shipping? – Join Whoop for $0/£0

  1. Ordered the upgrade the day it was announced as it seemed 3.0 was supposed to go the way of the dodo bird in 2023 anyway (that was before the email to “founding members” that 3.0 would remain free and supported as long as it lasts). The original estimate was 6-8 weeks, which then got bumped to 7-9 weeks as the time went on. Right now it’s 5-7 weeks, which would indicate second half of November. I seriously hope the extra biceps band is available when my order finally ships as 4.0 will be useless to me without one.

    1. yeah i’ve ordered a bicep band separately too…£50…yikes.don’t think i got the founders email saying v3 would go on forever…or i didn’t read it…i get a lot of emails.
      iirc i got 4-6 weeks the other day and ordered mine the day after you,

  2. Apparently they are offering free shipping for new orders now because of delays. Last week or so it was 12 EUR unless you had an affiliate code.

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