Stryd adds major new features

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Stryd – An Early Christmas Present

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Stryd is the world’s most accurate running pod that also delivers running power, a relatively new metric for runners. Over the years the company has grown from the provider of an apparently simple pod to one which supports all the major running watch ecosystems as well as delivering a rich training platform for the planning and analysis of your training.

A year ago Stryd announced a new Membership tier giving extra features to subscribers, this went live in April 2021.

Today Stryd gives some new features to EVERY Stryd owner and further bolsters the Membership package.




What’s Now Available For Everyone

  • Pre-built Training Plans: 16 pre-built power-based training plans ranging for 5K, 10K, HM, Marathon and a Base Fitness maintenance plan. These deliver a daily plan with guided workouts on your app or watch.
  • Race Calculations Table/Race Execution Plans: Know your power capability for your race distance with the Race Calculations Table and be guided by the plan through the undulations of your race-day course. (Available mid-October on iOS)
  • Coach View: Allow your coach to access your Stryd power data

What’s New – For Members


  • Training Plan Builder: Create a customized training plan with the Training Plan Builder
  • Training Plan Analyzer: Track your training plan progress with the Training Plan Analyzer. See how well you perform each session and see your progress towards your race goal.
  • Training Plan Library: Build, save and make changes for your perfect training plan with the Training Plan Library
  • Coach’s View: Give your coach extra access to your analytics.

These updates are being rolled out globally as of now with Android completed first. Note the feature(s) above that are slightly delayed.

Take Out

Stryd has pitched its overall service just right.

It’s clear now that if you want to do any kind of special planning then you have to pay for it.

At the same time, there is a swathe of highly useful free features for everyone. Non-members have access to a great end-to-end running platform.

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9 thoughts on “Stryd adds major new features

  1. Interesting choice of a watch to post with your Stryd update… I’d imagine Grit X would have been too obvious? Or maybe you don’t have one on hand at the moment? 🙂

  2. Nice they’re offering the pre-made training plans free to all. Last year all access to the Stryd Workout app was going to be subscription, even those via Training Peaks & final Surge. Then in April the TP & FS linking was given free but pre-made plans subscription. Now all of it is free. If you buy the pod without subscription you get a pretty decent deal these days.

  3. Not really sure about what changed, I remember having some basic power training plans even with a free account.

    I think the race planner was only for “pioneer” clients like me, but now apparently is for everyone.

  4. As someone who is already professionally coached and have had a Stryd for two years, my biggest frustration is that they took away workout execution scoring. My workout syncs to Stryd and executes on watch just fine, but I can no longer see my execution accuracy / scoring to know how well I held my targets. I imagine they’ve moved this to a premium feature, but that blows.

    1. yes workout compliance is a good feature.

      Put your data into Golden Cheetah (free). Look at the CP curve. You can play about quite a bit with what it shows. You won’t get target vs actual but you will see the relative performances of your intervals (on interval runs) and you will see relative performance vs modelled and actual CP on your steady effort runs.

      1. WKO5 gives me similar but I should give Golden Cheetah a look as well when I’m after a deep dive. I’m just missing the “at a glance”, on my phone, post workout “how did I do” when I’m exercising by power instead of target paces. If Garmin would just incorporate power into their workouts!

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