Testers Wanted – High Performance Running Supplement

High-Performance Running Supplement

CAROL Bike Discount Code for Halloween

Carol Bike Discount Code for Halloween and beyond

Garmin Fenix AMOLED – soon???

I've been saying for over a year that AMOLED screens will come to Fenix.

Hoka Bondi X Review – A cushioned everyday trainer for everyone

Hoka Bondi X Review -: There is nothing intrinsically wrong with Bondi X, I like them.…

1 Regret: Apple Watch 7 Review + 10 Unusual Tips, Which is the best Watch for me

There is always an argument for you to upgrade to the Watch 7 from any previous…

Garmin Forerunner, Huawei & Ironman News for The Weekend

We have some relatively interesting watch, firmware and app news today.

WHOOP 4.0 – Finally! Is it worth it? Does improved accuracy entice you?

WHOOP 4.0 - Is it worth it?

new Polar Vantage V2 Features now live

Polar recently announced their Grit X Pro outdoor adventure watch and with it new routing features,…

Stryd Training Plan Builder +Plan Library – now available on iOS

The toolset looks comprehensive and thoroughly competent.

*free* Lumen device with $70 off plans – Black Friday

Lumen Double Discount Weekend

Apple Watch 7 – Accuracy Results

For Apple to get the straightness of lines it does in a variety of conditions they…

Apple Watch 7, Athlytic on Modular Duo, Whoop Widgets – What a day !

I've been using Training Today, Whoop, Athlytic, Oura and HRV4Training to keep track of my readiness…