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This week has seen interesting developments at Suunto and now is probably the time to also report on some other changes earlier in the year.

Suunto’s Movesense Sold in Management Buyout


Many of you might not have heard about Movesense. The Movesense pod looks very similar to Suunto’s heart rate pod. The difference is that Movesense is programmable and offers third parties a ready-made sensor platform to capture physiology and movement parameters.

Read More: Further details on Movesense and the companies already using the platform

Initially, the main uses for a programmable sensor platform seemed to be related to sports and fitness however, more recently, further successes look set to come from the Movesense Medical sensor and other medical uses.

Reading between the lines, the new medical opportunity diverts Suunto from its core direction in the Outdoor/Adventure markets and this seemed to have sparked a management buyout (MBO) of the Movesense operation. The MBO is led by Jussi Kaasinen who formerly ran the Sports Tracker platform (Suunto acquired that in 2015).

This truly exciting change opens us new opportunities to operate and expand in the medical space with the Movesense Medical sensor, while at the same time allowing continuing driving the growth with our current and future Movesense sports products. We continue to provide our customers unprecedented Finnish-made cutting edge sensor technology, which enables new use cases varying from measuring physiological signals from individual athletes to team sports and all the way to health metrics and clinical grade ECG monitoring. Jussi Kaasinen.


Selected Movesense Customers

Here are some companies using the Movesense platform


Take Out: If you are an existing Suunto watch owner this is unlikely to affect you at all.

New Suunto 3, 5, 9 and Suunto 9 peak firmware

Some new firmware was sneaked out earlier this week for most of the current Suunto models. It’s not the most massive update in the world but there are some nice goodies here that will please many.

2.18.18 (Sep 28, 2021, 9 Peak Features Shown)

  • Media controls on the watch (controls  your smartphone’s audio)
  • SuuntoPlus Burner shows the amount of fat and carbs burned during exercise
  • Send predefined replies to incoming messages from the watch (Android only)
  • A new watch face with the Suunto 9 Peak’s new face also made more widely available to other watches
  • Improved sync speed with Suunto app

Today, I’ve been using the BURNER app (part of SuuntoPlus) and this adds a new workout screen that shows your current fat/carb consumption rates and %fat burn

The information is great for ensuring that you are achieving your workout goals and can also help you time fuelling more accurately, though it’s important to note that the accuracy will depend on your HR zones and the accuracy of the HR that’s captured by the watch.

Fat and Carb burn is shown in grams/hour and the figure is updated every few seconds, consequently, it can appear to jump about a bit.



Suunto – New European Distribution

Back in the Summer, Suunto hooked up with Tech Data for the European distribution of their products. Tech Data are a large distributor and th benefits to Suunto seem to be to consolidate the levels of service to retailers in the main European markets and to gain easier access to the newer, more rapidly growing ones.

Suunto – 2022 For New Products?

It looks like Suunto are quietening things down for new products in the rest of 2021. Meaning we probably won’t see anything new until either the New Year or Spring launch slots.

From my perspective, this is a little disappointing as I was originally hoping for a revamped Suunto 7 powered by the new Wear OS 3. That’s clearly now unlikely to happen and made more unlikely as Google only seems to be allowing Samsung and themselves (Fitbit) to use Wear OS 3 until mid-2022 much to the chagrin of Fossil and others. Suunto 7 Gen 2…? Septemberish 2022 is my bet 🙁







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10 thoughts on “Suunto – Lots of news today

  1. You think there’ll actually be a Suunto 7 gen 2? The S7 hasn’t had an update since April, despite the S3/5/9 seeing updates twice since then.

    1. the wear OS updates will be limited/supported by google
      not sure on the updates to the suunto wear os app. it will be a different dev team

      either way, if lots of the S7s were sold then there’ll be another one. if google are offering incentives to bring out wear os devices then that will make it even more likely

      my guess?: yes

    2. So far S7 only “missed” July update but I’m not sure regular Suunto update schedule is applicable to Wear OS, especially given all the drama around Wear OS 3. Time will tell if we gonna see S7 update this fall. If not, that might indeed indicate Suunto is winding down development of S7 in its current generation.

      There’s a new Suunto product in the works that might release in Q1 next year. Who knows? Perhaps it’s an S7 successor that would be upgradable to Wear OS 3 later in Q3.

      (Frankly, the latest firmware changes for other Suunto devices are hardly earth shattering… so, I’m not plussed not seeing much on S7 side. Looks like Suunto took a vacation after S7P and 3D maps)

  2. Hello
    do you think there is an os update on suunto s7 in 2022? but it will be updated only the os or also added other sensors for the health of the human body ??

    1. i’m pretty sure it wont get updated to WearOs3.
      there will undoubtedly be several more OS2 and Suunto app updates

      there will be no sensors added to the existing watch.

      i would hope for a gen2 product in 2022 that runs wearos3. maybe they add more sensors, IDK. it wouldn’t bother me either way…its a sports adventure watch

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