Freebie Alerts: Coros, Whoop, Brooks & Hoka

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Freebie Alerts

Here are some recent freebies that stuck out in my mind. Free in the sense that you buy something else and get this for free (or better).


For a long time, you have been able to get a free watch band with any Coros watch when you buy from this link with this code (THE5KRUNNER). However, I don’t know about you but watchstraps don’t excite me too much.

I am (I really am) an easy touch if arm sleeves are brought into the freebie equation. You can guess what’s coming…a free Coros armband with every watch (there are 300 and they will sell out this week).



The new maximally cushioned Hoka Bondi has been upgraded to the ‘X’ version. That means it gets the addition of Hoka’s carbon sole plate tech for a little extra spring.

If you’re not convinced about this there is effectively a free 30-day trial. If you don’t like them you can return them with no questions asked for a full refund.

Hoka Bondi X Launch


Brooks Running – Free 90 (ninety!) day trial

Brooks has a similar trial to Hoka except theirs last for 90 days. Wow…3 months!

Check out the details here:


when is whoop shipping?Whoop – Free Whoop 4.0 Band and Free one-month subscription (yes really)

New customers get a totally free Whoop 4.0 Band, that’s the one with the improved optical sensor and a further one month’s subscription for free (that’s £30/$30)

Get the deal here:



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